TV conundrums

Our tv had the strangest setup. Maybe you wondered why one of our sofas would have its back towards the tv (or maybe you could care less) but I always meant for the tv to be on the wall that is dividing the living and kitchen areas. Except there was no tv connections or antennas on that wall.

The tv junk is divided between two different walls with a door hole in between. ??


So whenever I needed to record anything on the DVD player (which requires the antenna) I had to pull a cable across the door hole, move a toy basket, and hook it up. And turn the DVD player on its side so the cable would even reach.


Granted I don’t record on the DVD player very often but every week I record Better Homes & Gardens for my mum (Hi mum!), burn on DVDs and send across the world for her entertainment. So every Friday evening we have this death trap of a cable suspended mid air about 15 cm off the floor, ready and willing to trip anyone that might forget it’s Friday evening.


How do you like them apples?!

Part from that interesting Friday night situation it just felt like the tv would make more sense on the kitchen wall.

There were a few other electrical bits and pieces that was altered/added/removed. The electrician who did the circuit board for us came out to have a look and …

Update to follow.

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3 Responses to TV conundrums

  1. CmdrPrompt says:

    Du ÄR medveten om att det finns trådlösa hdmi-överföringar som inte kostar många hundralappar, eller hur?

    Bara en tanke… 🙂

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