A front porch dream

I love the new front porch ceiling so much I can barely see the other things that still needs to be done to bring it up to scratch. Maybe you’re confused by my revelling when other things out there still looks like this.


And this.


And this.


But you see, in my HEAD it looks entirely different. Like the front porch ceiling, it actually looked like this in my head before we even had it torn down and rebuilt. And honestly, it rarely does end up looking like what I see in my head. I have all these ideas but I’m not always sure how to get to that point, and more often than not I don’t manage to pinpoint the exact thing that gives me the feeling or look that I’m going for, and I fall short. And have a tantrum.

So the ceiling coming out exactly like I had envisioned was quite the moment for me.

Nevertheless. I still have a vision for almost every space in our house (haven’t shared much of that) and what I see for the front porch is this.

  • white ceiling (the primer on the new boards is light blue if you can believe it, doesn’t look half bad actually)
  • pillars and horizontal beam sanded down and painted white (they’re creamy now)
  • new wall lights
  • paint house white (still considering rendering but probably in the too-hard-basket)
  • black front door
  • big green plants, hanging and standing
  • probably a tiled floor (dirty spot-stained concrete now)
  • cozy wine drinking tea sipping sitting area

And if I could get all of that to feel inviting and tropical, I’d be one happy little wine drinking camper.

For the quite long ToDo list for the porch you can re-visit this ol’ post.

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This is where we left off last Thursday.


And this is today.


Front porch ceiling is all built. There is the paint prep left and the actual painting to be done, but for now the ceiling is primed and can handle weather for a while so we’re not exactly going to jump to it considering the guest room (breathe… breathe…) is still awaiting attention in preparation for its guest in … 3.5 weeks!

Is good.

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Tiny progress (and a hero named Marvin)

I completed a project today. No, not the sheet of plywood, that would be too logical.


Ten days ago I attempted to install venetian blinds in the nursery. I bought the same blinds I put up in the nursery in our previous unit because I remembered they were so easy to install.


I don’t know what I did wrong this time but something went wrong and no matter how much I tried I just couldn’t get the blinds up. After a lot of muttering, many attempts, and some uneducated language SOMEONE had a tantrum. A full fledged DIY tantrum. Not mentioning names, but SOMEONE managed to tantrum all over the brackets so they bent and became unusable.


After admitting defeat, and two trips to Bunnings to speak to different people that couldn’t help me, I called the manufacturer directly and got to speak to a good-hearted hero named Marvin.

Now Marvin. Now he’s something special. I was entirely honest about SOMEONE’s tantrum and said I wished to pay for new brackets if he could find it in his heart to send me some. He had a chuckle and said no way.

The spare brackets arrived today.

And this time it was just as easy I remembered.



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Adding to the pile, because, why not

Because I already have four five or six, who’s counting, unfinished projects going, it seemed like a great idea to start yet another one.


Just priming it today.


We had such lovely cool weather here today it lent itself well to do some painting. It won’t be quite as cool tomorrow but I’ll certainly try to finish this one.

Now that would be novel, a finished project.

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You guys!

I can’t… I can barely talk about it. This new ceiling just looks SOOO good! If I loved the front porch before, I’m practically ready to marry it now (sorry Banker, you’re now number two).


And as you can see all the frilly bits have also been removed.

The builders ran out of board so they weren’t able to quite finish outside my study, they’re three boards short. They reckon it’s about a 20 minute job to finish. Must be so annoying for them because they now have to go shopping again and then come all the way back here to complete it. For three lousy boards and 20 minutes of work. Annoying for them to be so close but not quite there. Almost almost there.


Now the beading needs gap filler where it meets the brick, nail holes need filling and sanding, and then the whole shebang will be painted. Builders offered to paint but the offer came with a price tag to match so … Banker, if you’re reading this, if you spackle and sand the nail holes, I’ll gap-fill beading and then paint! And that is my only and final offer! (Sucker!)

I feel so emotional right now. Like when you have a big vision, and reality for once beats it by a mile.


Would it be weird if I go pet the ceiling?

Don’t answer that.


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Frilly bits

One major thing that sold the house to us was the front porch. It could do with a few tweaks but we loved it nonetheless.


One of the tweaks was to remove the lattice.


There are ten lattices on the front porch. Each lattice has four screws. The lattice and screws have been painted over many times, MANY times, to the point where the screws are barely visible anymore. That makes 40 paint-drowned screws.



Every pair of lattice also have a bottom trim that also needed to be removed.

So. Plan A to remove the screws and frill (sorry, lattice) was to just scrape paint until I can find the screw then unscrew it.

40 times.

That had me so exhausted just thinking about it I immediately scratched that plan for Plan B: beg and plead a tradie to do it for me. And whaddya know, the builder boys that were here today building the porch ceiling offered to do it for me!

I totally played it cool.

Just kidding, I jumped on it like a spider monkey. I was ALL OVER that.

They removed the lattice in passing sort of. While doing other things. See, that’s the difference between pros and frustrated DIYers. It would’ve taken me WEEKS, true story I’m afraid.

Aaah, that’s it. So much better. Frill free.


There are also eight lattices on the carport. Like a mile up in the air. Entirely unreachable. I was never even going to touch them. Like EVER. I was thinking they’ll come down once I get to tear the entire carport down and build a garage, in a hundred years. But the builders said they’d do them too for a consistent look! Do I have the best builders or what?!

Rhetorical question. Because I do. And you can’t have them. Can’t touch this, daa da da da, dada, dada, can’t touch this.

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Front porch ceiling (progress)

Builders have done a great job today.



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Stripped bare

We’re nude.


We evacuated this morning so unfortunately I don’t have any photos of the roadblocks and warning signs, or the alien men covered in space suits and the house in plastic bubble to avoid asbestos contamination. Would’ve been quite the sight.

But this is what our front porch looks like right now.


And the laundry.


In the nuddy. Baring it all on the interwebs.


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The madness begins

I wish, I wish I had taken a photo of the state of the laundry before I emptied it. It was bad. It was just one of those areas you really shouldn’t show on the interwebs, but hey, if I can make someone feel better about themselves and their junk areas… You’re welcome.


As it is, I forgot because I went all gung-ho and emptied the room in no time. It’s now all in the dining room.


If you’re waiting for a dinner or lunch invitation from us and it’s never coming, it’s because our dining room is the area where we dump stuff when we’re working in another room. And the fact that we’re Natural Born Hosts… We so smooth.


The front porch is also cleared and it is what started this madness to begin with. See this ceiling?


Difficult to see but there’s heaps of  bubbles in the ceiling.

That is potential water damage. In an asbestos ceiling. Water damage means crumbled material = dust. Asbestos dust. Awesome. The asbestos wasn’t anything we had planned to attack this early into the reno process but the damage has quickly gotten worse so it just needed to be done. So we decided to let them take the asbestos laundry walls at the same time to make it a full day’s job.

So that’s all happening tomorrow. Front porch ceiling and laundry walls.

The day after, the builder comes to rebuild the front porch ceiling and that will apparently take a few days. Then the electricians are coming back, the plumber, and the sunshade people. All in the next ten days.

Hold my hand. Someone?

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I had entirely different plans for the ceiling fixture in bubba’s room, and also some cool ideas for the guest room. But we recently had some stinking hot days that forced me to crankily reconsider allowing the fan in the nursery to stay. Very crankily.


(Mmmm, purty…)

I figured I could at least get a fresh new start with something a bit more streamlined and modern and went on a fan hunt for something that looked ok, without the price tag. Not the easiest of tasks when you in general think fans are butt-ugly.

So yesterday they new fans were installed.

In the nursery (can you still call it nursery when the kid is almost three?) I think it looks ok. It suits somehow, even though I had initially something entirely different and colourful planned for her. I’d even go so far as to say I quite like it.


In the guest room… It already looks dated! I’m devastated! Almost hate it, and it’s the same fan as in the nursery!


Maybe because the room is grotty and makeshift? Some fresh paint, intentional furniture and window exposed might make it look ok?

My comfort (I keep telling myself) is that it works beautifully, is quiet, gives a bright but warm light, and has a remote for convenience. We’ll see. Once the room is painted and dressed to actually be inviting, maybe the fan will change shape?

There is a lot going on in the house currently, but nothing seems to ever be completed so that I can show you something! In the next 2-3 weeks I have six different trades coming here to do different things. Three of them involve the front porch so that will get a nice lift before Christmas.

Five weeks now until house guest arrives… Breathe, Anna, breathe…


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