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A front porch dream

I love the new front porch ceiling so much I can barely see the other things that still needs to be done to bring it up to scratch. Maybe you’re confused by my revelling when other things out there still … Continue reading

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This is where we left off last Thursday. And this is today. Front porch ceiling is all built. There is the paint prep left and the actual painting to be done, but for now the ceiling is primed and can handle weather … Continue reading

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Tiny progress (and a hero named Marvin)

I completed a project today. No, not the sheet of plywood, that would be too logical. Ten days ago I attempted to install venetian blinds in the nursery. I bought the same blinds I put up in the nursery in our previous unit because … Continue reading

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Adding to the pile, because, why not

Because I already have four five or six, who’s counting, unfinished projects going, it seemed like a great idea to start yet another one. Just priming it today. We had such lovely cool weather here today it lent itself well … Continue reading

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You guys! I can’t… I can barely talk about it. This new ceiling just looks SOOO good! If I loved the front porch before, I’m practically ready to marry it now (sorry Banker, you’re now number two). And as you … Continue reading

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Frilly bits

One major thing that sold the house to us was the front porch. It could do with a few tweaks but we loved it nonetheless. One of the tweaks was to remove the lattice. There are ten lattices on the front porch. Each … Continue reading

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Front porch ceiling (progress)

Builders have done a great job today.  

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Stripped bare

We’re nude. We evacuated this morning so unfortunately I don’t have any photos of the roadblocks and warning signs, or the alien men covered in space suits and the house in plastic bubble to avoid asbestos contamination. Would’ve been quite … Continue reading

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The madness begins

I wish, I wish I had taken a photo of the state of the laundry before I emptied it. It was bad. It was just one of those areas you really shouldn’t show on the interwebs, but hey, if I … Continue reading

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I had entirely different plans for the ceiling fixture in bubba’s room, and also some cool ideas for the guest room. But we recently had some stinking hot days that forced me to crankily reconsider allowing the fan in the … Continue reading

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