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Tiny progress (and a hero named Marvin)

I completed a project today. No, not the sheet of plywood, that would be too logical. Ten days ago I attempted to install venetian blinds in the nursery. I bought the same blinds I put up in the nursery in our previous unit because … Continue reading

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I had entirely different plans for the ceiling fixture in bubba’s room, and also some cool ideas for the guest room. But we recently had some stinking hot days that forced me to crankily reconsider allowing the fan in the … Continue reading

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Nursery stencil – done!

And she loves it! Luckily. We love it too. I was terrified the whole time during the process. It’s my first stencil, so wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing. Or if I would hate it when done. I said … Continue reading

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Al Fresco (and other things)

After I got rid of the two cane chairs that came with the house there was nothing left to sit on in the backyard, except for yo caboose. Not that we ever sat in those chairs anyway, they looked way … Continue reading

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TV awesomeness (and other sparky stuff)

Update: It was pointed out to me that the new placement of the TV in relation to where it was before and to where the sofas are, isn’t quite clear, so I’m adding another photo at the beginning of this … Continue reading

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The vision – Nursery

The nursery will be all about me. Pretty much. It will reflect things that I grew up with and that connects with the culture I was brought up in. I find the longer I’m away from the Motherland, the more I … Continue reading

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The prettifying has started

It’ll however be a while before anything actually LOOKS pretty. In my case the old adage of “chaos before order” is very true. I’m starting in bubba’s room. I have some idea of what I would like to see happen … Continue reading

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Tiny progress in tiny’s room

I’ve ordered blinds for bubba’s room so that we can move her in there now that the neighbour’s backyard works have ended and there is no longer any noise at the back of the house. She’s been in the guest … Continue reading

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I. Am. Floored.

This is a post about FLOORS. See what I did there? So we’ve settled on the house and got the keys last Friday. Which means WE OWN A HOUSE Anywho. For the most part the house has got wall to … Continue reading

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Nursery in the making

This used to be the pride of our home, the prettiest room. It was the study and the most thought through and planned space of our unit. I must show you what it looked like some time, but that’s for … Continue reading

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