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A letterbox update

I was going to stalk Pete the Postie today and see if I could get an opinion on our new letterbox arrangement. Yes, I did want a pat on the back, don’t judge me, but somehow I missed him. He … Continue reading

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The vision – Front porch

Despite it being winter the front porch is one of our most used areas by all three of us. The house is fairly elevated, which gives us a nice view, and due to the railing and the gate (that is next … Continue reading

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Our front porch is on fire

Not for realsies. Just a small contained one. We’ve been wanting some sort of flame element on the porch ever since the first day, but it obviously had to be safe, and preferably actually radiate some heat. Anything fire pit … Continue reading

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Peter Postie Puts Parcels in Pretty Postbox

We had a letterbox that was inconvenient. We couldn’t retrieve mail without first needing to lift the entire letterbox out of a cavity in the retaining wall and then open the lid. From the looks of it this wasn’t even its original colour … Continue reading

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“We’re up to our asses in alligators on this one, gentlemen.” -Hetty Lange That’s what it felt like today with one bad news after the other. I had the trades people here all day that were installing the new positive pressure ventilation. … Continue reading

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Knock knock! Who’s there?

Arbitrary. Arbitrary who? Arbitrary arboretum. Yeaaah… I agree. Not even remotely funny. But neither was the knocking and squeaking on the window ALL. NIGHT. by this grand fella outside our bedroom. I was considering heading out at 4 am for … Continue reading

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Lost, then found

So I found them eventually, all 216 parts for the two bookcases. And look how organised I was when I packed them up! That didn’t help though when I in the end couldn’t find the bag! I found it by … Continue reading

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I desperately need to look at something pretty so let’s take a look at the floorboards and what they looked like before we put all our junk on it. It wasn’t only for aesthetic reasons we tore up the carpet … Continue reading

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Unpacking update – Part 3

Bubba has been slightly more cooperative this past week, or to be fair, more settled. So it’s been a bit easier to get stuck in to the boxes. We also had a long weekend so husband was home for an extra day … Continue reading

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Psychic? Anyone?

That there. Those are two very large bookcases that I planned to reassemble as quickly as I could after the move because I would probably fit the contents of about 15 boxes in them. Brilliant unpacking plan. So when I disassembled them … Continue reading

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