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TV awesomeness (and other sparky stuff)

Update: It was pointed out to me that the new placement of the TV in relation to where it was before and to where the sofas are, isn’t quite clear, so I’m adding another photo at the beginning of this … Continue reading

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TV conundrums

Our tv had the strangest setup. Maybe you wondered why one of our sofas would have its back towards the tv (or maybe you could care less) but I always meant for the tv to be on the wall that is … Continue reading

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The cubby house situation

I figure the house is equally as much bubba’s as it is ours and that we need to allow for dedicated space for her to play and keep toys in the areas where we spend the most time, and not just in … Continue reading

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Have a seat, whydontcha

We wanted a second sofa when we moved in to the house, and with a long-stay house guest coming soon-ish we really needed to get on it. There’s something about three adults sitting side by side, all facing forward, that feels a bit … Continue reading

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Little things

The big changes are taking their time around here but I’ve gotten a few little things done. We now have an escape artist in our midst. Someone figured out how to open the front door all by herself. I got … Continue reading

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Crime scene?

This coffee table looks like it’s been dusted for fingerprints. Admittedly having a glass table with a small child isn’t a great idea but we had the table before bubba and it sort of just tagged along for the ride. … Continue reading

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A play space

Pre-house, when I was still only dreaming about a house, I always visualised my LACK of interior design prowess to magically turn in to a KNACK for interior design (see what I did there?). Here’s to hoping. Even though I … Continue reading

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I desperately need to look at something pretty so let’s take a look at the floorboards and what they looked like before we put all our junk on it. It wasn’t only for aesthetic reasons we tore up the carpet … Continue reading

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My birthday present has arrived

Tonight the largest truck I think this street has ever seen, stopped outside our house to drop off my birthday present. He came all the way from Melbourne with it and was extremely chirpy that I was his last job. … Continue reading

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Carpet: 1 – Anna: 4

I’m winning the carpet wars. Big work day today and I got a lot done. Not everything I wanted to, but I ran out of body towards the end and decided I wanted to go home so I could see … Continue reading

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