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Christmas with the cranks

So after a bit of shuffling things around here at home we managed to get a little bit of space for some Christmas decorations. I still have the cranks though (hence the post title) because I couldn’t fit the tree … Continue reading

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A frosty conversation

At the hospital classes we took to prepare ourselves for looking after a baby (hey, we’re clueless, we NEEDED those classes) they were talking a bit about comfortable temperatures for the baby. Apparently a comfortable sleeping temp is no more … Continue reading

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Nursery in the making

This used to be the pride of our home, the prettiest room. It was the study and the most thought through and planned space of our unit. I must show you what it looked like some time, but that’s for … Continue reading

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A baby update

So I’m pretty much due. I thought it might be suitable to give you a brief update on how the baby is cooking. The official due date is 30 December. We have a couple of betting competitions going on currently … Continue reading

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Plan B

Pardon the delay in updates but we truly are Progressively Challenged here. If we ever turn into Master of Faster you’ll be sure to know. We’ve had a few bumps on the road here on our way to renovations as … Continue reading

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