Tiny progress (and a hero named Marvin)

I completed a project today. No, not the sheet of plywood, that would be too logical.


Ten days ago I attempted to install venetian blinds in the nursery. I bought the same blinds I put up in the nursery in our previous unit because I remembered they were so easy to install.


I don’t know what I did wrong this time but something went wrong and no matter how much I tried I just couldn’t get the blinds up. After a lot of muttering, many attempts, and some uneducated language SOMEONE had a tantrum. A full fledged DIY tantrum. Not mentioning names, but SOMEONE managed to tantrum all over the brackets so they bent and became unusable.


After admitting defeat, and two trips to Bunnings to speak to different people that couldn’t help me, I called the manufacturer directly and got to speak to a good-hearted hero named Marvin.

Now Marvin. Now he’s something special. I was entirely honest about SOMEONE’s tantrum and said I wished to pay for new brackets if he could find it in his heart to send me some. He had a chuckle and said no way.

The spare brackets arrived today.

And this time it was just as easy I remembered.



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4 Responses to Tiny progress (and a hero named Marvin)

  1. mamma says:

    Ha ha ha haaaaaaaa!

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