Stripped bare

We’re nude.


We evacuated this morning so unfortunately I don’t have any photos of the roadblocks and warning signs, or the alien men covered in space suits and the house in plastic bubble to avoid asbestos contamination. Would’ve been quite the sight.

But this is what our front porch looks like right now.


And the laundry.


In the nuddy. Baring it all on the interwebs.


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The madness begins

I wish, I wish I had taken a photo of the state of the laundry before I emptied it. It was bad. It was just one of those areas you really shouldn’t show on the interwebs, but hey, if I can make someone feel better about themselves and their junk areas… You’re welcome.


As it is, I forgot because I went all gung-ho and emptied the room in no time. It’s now all in the dining room.


If you’re waiting for a dinner or lunch invitation from us and it’s never coming, it’s because our dining room is the area where we dump stuff when we’re working in another room. And the fact that we’re Natural Born Hosts… We so smooth.


The front porch is also cleared and it is what started this madness to begin with. See this ceiling?


Difficult to see but there’s heaps of  bubbles in the ceiling.

That is potential water damage. In an asbestos ceiling. Water damage means crumbled material = dust. Asbestos dust. Awesome. The asbestos wasn’t anything we had planned to attack this early into the reno process but the damage has quickly gotten worse so it just needed to be done. So we decided to let them take the asbestos laundry walls at the same time to make it a full day’s job.

So that’s all happening tomorrow. Front porch ceiling and laundry walls.

The day after, the builder comes to rebuild the front porch ceiling and that will apparently take a few days. Then the electricians are coming back, the plumber, and the sunshade people. All in the next ten days.

Hold my hand. Someone?

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I had entirely different plans for the ceiling fixture in bubba’s room, and also some cool ideas for the guest room. But we recently had some stinking hot days that forced me to crankily reconsider allowing the fan in the nursery to stay. Very crankily.


(Mmmm, purty…)

I figured I could at least get a fresh new start with something a bit more streamlined and modern and went on a fan hunt for something that looked ok, without the price tag. Not the easiest of tasks when you in general think fans are butt-ugly.

So yesterday they new fans were installed.

In the nursery (can you still call it nursery when the kid is almost three?) I think it looks ok. It suits somehow, even though I had initially something entirely different and colourful planned for her. I’d even go so far as to say I quite like it.


In the guest room… It already looks dated! I’m devastated! Almost hate it, and it’s the same fan as in the nursery!


Maybe because the room is grotty and makeshift? Some fresh paint, intentional furniture and window exposed might make it look ok?

My comfort (I keep telling myself) is that it works beautifully, is quiet, gives a bright but warm light, and has a remote for convenience. We’ll see. Once the room is painted and dressed to actually be inviting, maybe the fan will change shape?

There is a lot going on in the house currently, but nothing seems to ever be completed so that I can show you something! In the next 2-3 weeks I have six different trades coming here to do different things. Three of them involve the front porch so that will get a nice lift before Christmas.

Five weeks now until house guest arrives… Breathe, Anna, breathe…


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Nursery stencil – done!

And she loves it! Luckily.


We love it too.

I was terrified the whole time during the process. It’s my first stencil, so wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing. Or if I would hate it when done.

I said initially that I wanted this stenciled wall in green. I don’t recall smoking anything illegal when I said that (and I never have mum, promise), but it was a slightly insane idea. I came to my senses after a while and went with grey instead. SO much better.


Now there is the skirting left. A final coat on the skirting and then install. And a few other itty bitty things before the great room-swap takes place.

Can’t. Wait.

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Al Fresco (and other things)

After I got rid of the two cane chairs that came with the house there was nothing left to sit on in the backyard, except for yo caboose. Not that we ever sat in those chairs anyway, they looked way too scary for that.

We debated what kind of seating we wanted outside. Did we want to lounge? Did we want to dine? (“Dine”. Sounds like someone would serve french cuisine on a silver dish. Ya, that’ll happen…). We came to the conclusion that we lounge on our front porch and in our inside living area so we decided the fine French dining experience would suffice for our al fresco piece of property.

I’ll stop trying to be fancy now.

Enter Falster from Ikea. I was all set on white, having seen how lovely even the old white rotten chairs looked amongst all that green, but when we stumbled upon this washed grey set we were sold.

We likes it. We likes it a lot.


It will probably need an umbrella of sorts, it get’s stinking hot back there. See what we can find.

Part from unpacking that (bought it a couple of weeks ago) we’ve had a busy and productive weekend around here. I installed a new fresh toilet seat that caters for both big ones and little ones. Check this out.

Big bottom.


Little bottom.


Hilarious. We flipped the little seat up and down for much longer than maybe is normal. Funny. Every. Time. Aaah, good times.

Then we had a builder here to quote a new ceiling for our front porch. He dropped in on his way to his nephew’s wedding. As you do. Expecting quote to be scary. See how we go with that. Maybe the Banker needs to spend more time on the racetrack… Any tips Pa?!

We also have big rubbish collection today so everyone puts out old furniture etc on the kerb for council to pick up. We mostly had very large cardboard boxes that would take up too much space in our normal recycling bin.


Not only council comes by to pick it up, but in the last couple of days we’ve had 100 small trucks passing by to check out the neighbourhood’s large rubbish. True story. Underestimation if any. The Banker think they’re vultures and scabs but I think it’s the ultimate recycling. Whatever is left for the council to pick up goes straight to landfill. Whatever the “scabs” are picking up is melted, or spruced up and resold, or heaven forbid, hoarded by someone else. Oh well, better them than us. At least someone takes advantage of our leftovers rather than it going to landfill.

And the most exciting part of the whole weekend (ok, the big bottom/little bottom thing is still hilarious) is this.


(Pardon the blur, don’t know what happened there. Maybe too many working beers?) I’m finally finishing the trim in bubba’s room. And the new skirting is being painted as well.


So very very exciting.


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TV awesomeness (and other sparky stuff)

Update: It was pointed out to me that the new placement of the TV in relation to where it was before and to where the sofas are, isn’t quite clear, so I’m adding another photo at the beginning of this post that hopefully will explain better. Also makes it abundantly clear that I really need to start removing toys and and stickers before I take photos, it’s a right mess around here. And yes, the cubby-house-itis continues.

We moved the TV yesterday.


I think I made up our (hehehe) minds already during the first walk-through of the house that the TV would be on the wall dividing the living and kitchen areas. As a matter of fact I just took that for granted. Not for a second considering that all the necessary TV junk might be installed elsewhere.


That was remedied yesterday, the hard way, by physically moving all kinds of cables. Apparently there are other ways it can be done wirelessly, oh well. (Thanks CmdrPrompt for the tip).

I had to wait until today to reveal the new TV setup because the TV itself and cabinet were so full of fingerprints and stickers (thanks tiny human!) that I wanted to get a chance to give that a once-over before the reveal.

Just look how pretty and organised the TV junk is now! I even asked for four power points rather than the usual two. Awesome thinking.


And here’s the new TV placement. Ta-Da! Never mind the masking tape art work.


It irks me that the serving hole and appliances are cluttering up the space. The plan (all along, since first seeing the house) was to close up that hole. I think I might have a crack at doing that myself. I mean, between me myself and Google, what could possibly go wrong?!

So if I do some extremely bad “photoshopping” (in Paint, don’t judge) closing up the serving hole could look something like this.


And if I can then talk into/intimidate/bribe the husband, I might be allowed to do something like this.


Ya. All kinds of good that could be. And by the way. This looks SO much better in my head. (The TV will be mounted by the way and the cabinet will go away).

We’ve already gotten used to the new TV placement and it feels like it should’ve been in that spot all along. We’re very happy with it.

Part from moving all the TV junk, the electrician and his cute sidekick (daughter was absolutely smitten by the younger one, very funny), they helped with a few other littlie bits and pieces. I have a list about THIIIIIS long of electrical things that need attention but this time this is what they helped us with.

Daughter got an extra powerpoint in her new room. Yeah… that IS as far as I’ve gotten in there. Shut up.


The toilet space has a massive fan in the ceiling that was connected to the light switch, so when you turned on the light, the fan would crank up. And when I say crank up, I mean CRANK UP. Awesome for night time visits. Not. I couldn’t really see the need for it (previous people were extremely smelly?) so I had electrician disconnect it. Now we can go to the loo without using our iPhone flashlights to see what we’re doing. I’m sadly not joking. Anything to not risk waking the tiny human with a fan with engine noises.


That’s all I have for today. Lots more things in the works currently. Will attempt to keep it real time as much as I can. It’s exhausting and stressful but also so much fun to be able to customise things they way we want things to be. So it suits our life style.

Gosh I love this house.

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TV conundrums

Our tv had the strangest setup. Maybe you wondered why one of our sofas would have its back towards the tv (or maybe you could care less) but I always meant for the tv to be on the wall that is dividing the living and kitchen areas. Except there was no tv connections or antennas on that wall.

The tv junk is divided between two different walls with a door hole in between. ??


So whenever I needed to record anything on the DVD player (which requires the antenna) I had to pull a cable across the door hole, move a toy basket, and hook it up. And turn the DVD player on its side so the cable would even reach.


Granted I don’t record on the DVD player very often but every week I record Better Homes & Gardens for my mum (Hi mum!), burn on DVDs and send across the world for her entertainment. So every Friday evening we have this death trap of a cable suspended mid air about 15 cm off the floor, ready and willing to trip anyone that might forget it’s Friday evening.


How do you like them apples?!

Part from that interesting Friday night situation it just felt like the tv would make more sense on the kitchen wall.

There were a few other electrical bits and pieces that was altered/added/removed. The electrician who did the circuit board for us came out to have a look and …

Update to follow.

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