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This is a love story

About wheels. I’ve owned two cars. They were both filled to the brim with character. Each other’s polar opposites. And pieces of junk. And I loved both more than one probably should an inanimate object. My first car was a Ford Taunus … Continue reading

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Houseversary – Two months

Yesterday we had been in our house for two months. I feel like I’m treading water a bit and not really getting anywhere with getting the house pretty, so I thought maybe looking back at the past two months to … Continue reading

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Big things

And then there’s the big things. A few days ago I lost someone who I cared for very much. I wanted to plant a tree for her but I wanted to be sure it would stay safe through our outdoor renovations … Continue reading

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Unpacking update – Part 4 (and final)

The last of the unpacking was depending on three things, one being the bookcases being anchored in the dining room. Yeeaah… That took me a while. I couldn’t find the saw. I couldn’t find the drill. Had to buy screws and brackets. Had … Continue reading

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Front porch view

Some photos taken from the front porch (while likely holding a wine glass in the other hand). Different days. Different times. Same spot.  

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A letterbox update

I was going to stalk Pete the Postie today and see if I could get an opinion on our new letterbox arrangement. Yes, I did want a pat on the back, don’t judge me, but somehow I missed him. He … Continue reading

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“We’re up to our asses in alligators on this one, gentlemen.” -Hetty Lange That’s what it felt like today with one bad news after the other. I had the trades people here all day that were installing the new positive pressure ventilation. … Continue reading

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Unpacking update – Part 3

Bubba has been slightly more cooperative this past week, or to be fair, more settled. So it’s been a bit easier to get stuck in to the boxes. We also had a long weekend so husband was home for an extra day … Continue reading

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Psychic? Anyone?

That there. Those are two very large bookcases that I planned to reassemble as quickly as I could after the move because I would probably fit the contents of about 15 boxes in them. Brilliant unpacking plan. So when I disassembled them … Continue reading

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Unpacking update – Part 2

I’m a day late updating the unpacking progress. I wish I was a WEEK late, that way I might actually have decent progress to report! In all fairness I have unpacked quite a few boxes, there’s just so MANY of them that … Continue reading

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