A front porch dream

I love the new front porch ceiling so much I can barely see the other things that still needs to be done to bring it up to scratch. Maybe you’re confused by my revelling when other things out there still looks like this.


And this.


And this.


But you see, in my HEAD it looks entirely different. Like the front porch ceiling, it actually looked like this in my head before we even had it torn down and rebuilt. And honestly, it rarely does end up looking like what I see in my head. I have all these ideas but I’m not always sure how to get to that point, and more often than not I don’t manage to pinpoint the exact thing that gives me the feeling or look that I’m going for, and I fall short. And have a tantrum.

So the ceiling coming out exactly like I had envisioned was quite the moment for me.

Nevertheless. I still have a vision for almost every space in our house (haven’t shared much of that) and what I see for the front porch is this.

  • white ceiling (the primer on the new boards is light blue if you can believe it, doesn’t look half bad actually)
  • pillars and horizontal beam sanded down and painted white (they’re creamy now)
  • new wall lights
  • paint house white (still considering rendering but probably in the too-hard-basket)
  • black front door
  • big green plants, hanging and standing
  • probably a tiled floor (dirty spot-stained concrete now)
  • cozy wine drinking tea sipping sitting area

And if I could get all of that to feel inviting and tropical, I’d be one happy little wine drinking camper.

For the quite long ToDo list for the porch you can re-visit this ol’ post.

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