The madness begins

I wish, I wish I had taken a photo of the state of the laundry before I emptied it. It was bad. It was just one of those areas you really shouldn’t show on the interwebs, but hey, if I can make someone feel better about themselves and their junk areas… You’re welcome.


As it is, I forgot because I went all gung-ho and emptied the room in no time. It’s now all in the dining room.


If you’re waiting for a dinner or lunch invitation from us and it’s never coming, it’s because our dining room is the area where we dump stuff when we’re working in another room. And the fact that we’re Natural Born Hosts… We so smooth.


The front porch is also cleared and it is what started this madness to begin with. See this ceiling?


Difficult to see but there’s heaps of  bubbles in the ceiling.

That is potential water damage. In an asbestos ceiling. Water damage means crumbled material = dust. Asbestos dust. Awesome. The asbestos wasn’t anything we had planned to attack this early into the reno process but the damage has quickly gotten worse so it just needed to be done. So we decided to let them take the asbestos laundry walls at the same time to make it a full day’s job.

So that’s all happening tomorrow. Front porch ceiling and laundry walls.

The day after, the builder comes to rebuild the front porch ceiling and that will apparently take a few days. Then the electricians are coming back, the plumber, and the sunshade people. All in the next ten days.

Hold my hand. Someone?

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4 Responses to The madness begins

  1. Mamma says:

    Oh dear, oh dear!!
    Vill inte byta med er alls för ögonblicket

  2. Cecilia says:

    Här är handen…


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