Frilly bits

One major thing that sold the house to us was the front porch. It could do with a few tweaks but we loved it nonetheless.


One of the tweaks was to remove the lattice.


There are ten lattices on the front porch. Each lattice has four screws. The lattice and screws have been painted over many times, MANY times, to the point where the screws are barely visible anymore. That makes 40 paint-drowned screws.



Every pair of lattice also have a bottom trim that also needed to be removed.

So. Plan A to remove the screws and frill (sorry, lattice) was to just scrape paint until I can find the screw then unscrew it.

40 times.

That had me so exhausted just thinking about it I immediately scratched that plan for Plan B: beg and plead a tradie to do it for me. And whaddya know, the builder boys that were here today building the porch ceiling offered to do it for me!

I totally played it cool.

Just kidding, I jumped on it like a spider monkey. I was ALL OVER that.

They removed the lattice in passing sort of. While doing other things. See, that’s the difference between pros and frustrated DIYers. It would’ve taken me WEEKS, true story I’m afraid.

Aaah, that’s it. So much better. Frill free.


There are also eight lattices on the carport. Like a mile up in the air. Entirely unreachable. I was never even going to touch them. Like EVER. I was thinking they’ll come down once I get to tear the entire carport down and build a garage, in a hundred years. But the builders said they’d do them too for a consistent look! Do I have the best builders or what?!

Rhetorical question. Because I do. And you can’t have them. Can’t touch this, daa da da da, dada, dada, can’t touch this.

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6 Responses to Frilly bits

  1. Mamma says:

    Jag gillade dessa snirkliga utsmyckningar men de måste ju vara hopplösa att underhålla. Det finns ju en orsak till all färg som satt på dem.
    Bra byggare ni fått tag på.

    • Ja de var valdigt fancy nar de sattes upp en gang i tiden, men de ar inte riktigt var stil. Jag vill se hur huset ser ut utan snirklerierna och fardigmalat och sa, sa kanske vi andrar oss och tycker de borde sattas upp igen. jag tvivlar pa det men utesluter det inte.

  2. Cecilia says:

    Men vad GÖR du? De där gjorde ju hela huset ju?!?!?!?

    Äh, skoja bara =)

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