You guys!

I can’t… I can barely talk about it. This new ceiling just looks SOOO good! If I loved the front porch before, I’m practically ready to marry it now (sorry Banker, you’re now number two).


And as you can see all the frilly bits have also been removed.

The builders ran out of board so they weren’t able to quite finish outside my study, they’re three boards short. They reckon it’s about a 20 minute job to finish. Must be so annoying for them because they now have to go shopping again and then come all the way back here to complete it. For three lousy boards and 20 minutes of work. Annoying for them to be so close but not quite there. Almost almost there.


Now the beading needs gap filler where it meets the brick, nail holes need filling and sanding, and then the whole shebang will be painted. Builders offered to paint but the offer came with a price tag to match so … Banker, if you’re reading this, if you spackle and sand the nail holes, I’ll gap-fill beading and then paint! And that is my only and final offer! (Sucker!)

I feel so emotional right now. Like when you have a big vision, and reality for once beats it by a mile.


Would it be weird if I go pet the ceiling?

Don’t answer that.


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