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Adding to the pile, because, why not

Because I already have four five or six, who’s counting, unfinished projects going, it seemed like a great idea to start yet another one. Just priming it today. We had such lovely cool weather here today it lent itself well … Continue reading

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Al Fresco (and other things)

After I got rid of the two cane chairs that came with the house there was nothing left to sit on in the backyard, except for yo caboose. Not that we ever sat in those chairs anyway, they looked way … Continue reading

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We built a pool

One of the things we planned loooong before we even bought a house was to get a pool. When house hunting we mostly looked at houses with pools and some without that had room to get one built. House prices are not … Continue reading

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Spring time

When we first bought the house we had big plans to attack the landscaping first thing. Back yard, the front and curb appeal. The works. We quickly realised we would be better off “getting to know” the property first. See how … Continue reading

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Little things

The big changes are taking their time around here but I’ve gotten a few little things done. We now have an escape artist in our midst. Someone figured out how to open the front door all by herself. I got … Continue reading

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