TV awesomeness (and other sparky stuff)

Update: It was pointed out to me that the new placement of the TV in relation to where it was before and to where the sofas are, isn’t quite clear, so I’m adding another photo at the beginning of this post that hopefully will explain better. Also makes it abundantly clear that I really need to start removing toys and and stickers before I take photos, it’s a right mess around here. And yes, the cubby-house-itis continues.

We moved the TV yesterday.


I think I made up our (hehehe) minds already during the first walk-through of the house that the TV would be on the wall dividing the living and kitchen areas. As a matter of fact I just took that for granted. Not for a second considering that all the necessary TV junk might be installed elsewhere.


That was remedied yesterday, the hard way, by physically moving all kinds of cables. Apparently there are other ways it can be done wirelessly, oh well. (Thanks CmdrPrompt for the tip).

I had to wait until today to reveal the new TV setup because the TV itself and cabinet were so full of fingerprints and stickers (thanks tiny human!) that I wanted to get a chance to give that a once-over before the reveal.

Just look how pretty and organised the TV junk is now! I even asked for four power points rather than the usual two. Awesome thinking.


And here’s the new TV placement. Ta-Da! Never mind the masking tape art work.


It irks me that the serving hole and appliances are cluttering up the space. The plan (all along, since first seeing the house) was to close up that hole. I think I might have a crack at doing that myself. I mean, between me myself and Google, what could possibly go wrong?!

So if I do some extremely bad “photoshopping” (in Paint, don’t judge) closing up the serving hole could look something like this.


And if I can then talk into/intimidate/bribe the husband, I might be allowed to do something like this.


Ya. All kinds of good that could be. And by the way. This looks SO much better in my head. (The TV will be mounted by the way and the cabinet will go away).

We’ve already gotten used to the new TV placement and it feels like it should’ve been in that spot all along. We’re very happy with it.

Part from moving all the TV junk, the electrician and his cute sidekick (daughter was absolutely smitten by the younger one, very funny), they helped with a few other littlie bits and pieces. I have a list about THIIIIIS long of electrical things that need attention but this time this is what they helped us with.

Daughter got an extra powerpoint in her new room. Yeah… that IS as far as I’ve gotten in there. Shut up.


The toilet space has a massive fan in the ceiling that was connected to the light switch, so when you turned on the light, the fan would crank up. And when I say crank up, I mean CRANK UP. Awesome for night time visits. Not. I couldn’t really see the need for it (previous people were extremely smelly?) so I had electrician disconnect it. Now we can go to the loo without using our iPhone flashlights to see what we’re doing. I’m sadly not joking. Anything to not risk waking the tiny human with a fan with engine noises.


That’s all I have for today. Lots more things in the works currently. Will attempt to keep it real time as much as I can. It’s exhausting and stressful but also so much fun to be able to customise things they way we want things to be. So it suits our life style.

Gosh I love this house.

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2 Responses to TV awesomeness (and other sparky stuff)

  1. mamma says:

    Helt perfekt! Ni borde absolut stänga igen serveringsluckan tycker jag. I alla fall efter de foton jag sett. Ni kan ju knappast behöva den i den mening den var tänkt att användas. Verkligen snyggt med en hel vägg!

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