Another boring and costly progress update

When we had the positive pressure system installed we found out our circuit board was asbestos.


I have a list as long as my arm on electrical things we want to update, a lot of them are new installs which means new breaker switches, which meant drilling holes in the circuit board, which wasn’t possible because it was asbestos. (That black background board is the nasty stuff apparently).


We figured the electrical updates we wanted done were important enough for us to go through the very costly process of having the asbestos removed and a new fancy pants circuit board installed. Sigh. More money spent on stuff you can’t really see.

We were told it’d be a very fancy super sensitive and intelligent top of the line (enough adjectives in there yet?) circuit board and THAT sounded very exciting. The electrician was so excited when he told me about the stuff he could install for us, I was imagining something sci-fi-looking thing like this:


Yeah, I never exagerrate. NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS.

We were going to lose power for the day so bubba and I evacuated to the sister-in-law to stay warm and be able to eat warm food.

When we came back home I basically ran around the house to see what had been done. Blinking lights here I come!


Eeeeh… Where is my chrome and cold blue blinking lights? Oh well, I suppose there’s no reason to exchange what’s “good” so fair enough.

And then I opened the case and found this.

IMG_8655 IMG_8656

Womp womp. Quite the anti climax.

I may need to work on my expectations in the future.

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3 Responses to Another boring and costly progress update

  1. CmdrPrompt says:

    Dessutom så är det ju en uppdatering som syns… Åtminstone om man kollar på rätt ställe. 😉

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