Have a seat, whydontcha

We wanted a second sofa when we moved in to the house, and with a long-stay house guest coming soon-ish we really needed to get on it. There’s something about three adults sitting side by side, all facing forward, that feels a bit awkward from a conversational point of view. With two sofas facing each other we can spread out but also have a conversation without straining our necks.

There is of course my birthday present, but as soon as I sit in it the daughter has a spell. She doesn’t use it much but if I sit down in it… the drama is hardly worth it. Right now it just sits there by itself being all pretty by itself. Oh well. I still adore it. Maybe I can use it when she moves out.

I didn’t want the sofas matchy matchy but still needed the two of them to be friends. The AGONY of choosing colour, fabric, and style ended up with me not being able to make any decisions at all. As usual. This has been going on for about three months. Then Sunday night I had a look at the list of things to do before our guest arrives mid-December (remember: awkward neck-straining conversations), and I just surrendered to one website (Ikea if you must know), found two good enough contestants, packed up family in car Monday morning (was public holiday here) for an Ikea-dash and a sofa jumping session and picked this one.

Kivik 2seat IsundaGrey

I didn’t realise how seriously Ikea takes their Flat-Pack policy. The sofa arrived in flat packs!


I LOVE the grey fabric. The fabric is soft but feel durable, the sofa is firm and comfortable and with the armrests being so low it doesn’t take up much visual space, and they also work beautifully for stretching out horizontally. Never mind the toys, please.


I didn’t have time to tidy up the mess by the time I had wrestled the cushions in to the covers so try to look past that for now. A plan is in the works for how to curb that daily chaos. Won’t happen today though so for now pretend everything colourful and plastic is actually invisible.


Funnily enough the fabric on both sofas are very similar to each other, just different colours. Kivik can also be undressed and get a new outfit so if we get bored with this safer colour there’s always the option to go bold for not a lot of dough, which is pretty exciting.


And someone has already claimed her territory. (Maybe now I can get to use my birthday chair?)


Come on over and have a seat, whydontcha!

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7 Responses to Have a seat, whydontcha

  1. Mamma says:

    Jaha ja!!!! Hur ska hon hinna förflytta sig mellan alla möbler som är “hennes” när ni är flera som inkräktar på möblerna?
    Gullungen har en vilja av stål.

    Det blev i alla fall väldigt snyggt med de olika sofforna tycker jag. Både med och utan leksaker. Det måste ju få synas att det bor en ung liten dam där också.

    • Det kommer fortfarande att synas, och rejalt, men forhoppningsvis i lite “easier on the eyes” satt. Hoppas jag. Nar jag fatt som jag vill. En sak i taget.

      Och hon hinner! Inte bara vilja av stal, men fart och energi som Stalmannen. Far och flanger mellan alla “hennes” grejer.

  2. CmdrPrompt says:

    Och vet du vad? Kivik är ju dessutom extremt nordiskt strikt i sin design! Inget extra jäkla lullull och tjafs utan en ren snygg jäkligt svensk design. Det glädjer mig att du inte bara väljer sådana möbler, utan dessutom har acceptans (envåldsherrevälde?) för den rätta designstilen trots att du bor där du bor. Jag inbillar mig att australiensare är generellt sett mer brittiskinfluerade i sitt designval.

    Way to go, Anna!

  3. Har inga sana lull-lull mobler alls, mig veteligen. Den andra soffan har ju ocksa bara raka linjer. Eller tycker du den ar lull-lull?

    Men har jag inte visat vara matstolar? Kopte ju gamla hederliga pinnstolar till matplatsen! Sana som mamma hade nar jag var pytteliten. Dem tycker jag ju ar jattesvenska.

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