Unpacking update – Part 4 (and final)

The last of the unpacking was depending on three things, one being the bookcases being anchored in the dining room. Yeeaah… That took me a while. I couldn’t find the saw. I couldn’t find the drill. Had to buy screws and brackets. Had to buy different screws and brackets. And then it took me several tries before I got it right. I am mortified I couldn’t get it right the first time and really Ijustdon’twannatalkaboutit.

The second part that would allow me to get rid of the a lot of the boxes were getting the under-house space prepped. Yes, we have under-house space. You haven’t seen it yet. And you won’t for a while. But it’s that door underneath our front porch.


There was a fair bit of moisture underneath the house and some mould, and it all ended up creeping in to the house. It wasn’t good. We’ve done a few things about that now (tell ya later) which allows me to store stuff down there. I have no intention of hoarding things out of sight, it’s the garage stuff, like camping gear, sport stuff, tools and DIY stuff and seasonal things like Christmas things that will live there until we (hopefully) convert our carport into a garage.

The third part. Well… I’m a bit away from doing that yet but it’s basically setting up my study with storage for the craft stuff, study stuff, business stuff and stuff stuff.

So. Jibber jabber. With two solutions now finally being available the house now looks like this.

Dining. We’re finally ordering dining chairs tonight so that we can start inviting people over. Never mind all the brown.


Living. All the boxes are now gone. There’s so much space now!


Here’s some gratuitous G. Callen for you as well. You’re welcome!


And yeah, don’t think I told you but we bought a new sofa. It is good.


Study. Yeah…


Yeeaah… I know. I have too much stuff. Not all of those boxes belong in here truth be told. I need to get rid of stuff, clearly.

The other rooms look pretty much like last update. Bub’s still in the guest room. I decided I want to do some work in her room before I permanently move her. Easier to sand and paint before she moves in.

Bar the study, everything is pretty much functional now which means that next step is PRETTYFYING!

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4 Responses to Unpacking update – Part 4 (and final)

  1. Cecilia says:

    Wiiiiiiee!!! Looking forward to prettyfying!

    Nu börjar det roliga på riktigt. Ska bli kul att följa det också.

  2. mamma says:

    Har tydligen inte kommenterat detta inlägg men måste säga “snyggt jobbat”
    Jag håller ju på att städa egentligen men det här kom i vägen och jag bara kände jag måste kolla vad jag INTE har svarat på

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