Warm and fuzzy

But not good warm and fuzzy. Bad warm and fuzzy. Very bad fuzzy stuff actually – mould. I found mould when I tore in to the carpet. We already knew there were moisture under the house and we were attending to that after we moved in. We just didn’t realise it was this urgent.


This is not great news and makes us a little sad because we had some serious mould issues in the unit when we first moved in here and it was a lot of work to beat it. I used some serious chemicals that time, and I won that battle, but since we’ve had bubba I’ve become a lot more aware of the chemicals we use around our home and have become a little bit of a greeny so for the house the major chemical approach doesn’t feel like the right way to go.

We’re also on a tight time frame here. Our floorboards are installed 16 May so the mould need be gone by that time. That’s next Friday. Ya… I know. Tight.

I tore up the rest of the carpet everywhere from around the walls to see if there was any other affected areas.


And then I called a guy.

Mould guy managed to squeeze me in and came out and had a look. What I was sure would be weeks of sanitation (still in trauma from memories of our first mould experience), he reckoned was a tiny tiny mould problem and he would write me a report and tell me how to deal with it myself. I believe his wording was: “I don’t think you should pay our $1300 fee for a problem this size.”

Love mould guy.

He gave me more information on moisture readings in the house (very low surprisingly) and things we can do to avoid this down the road, but it was pretty good news all around.

We’re clear to lay floorboards on the 16th still, which is a huge relief. Our time frame is as usual tight and leaves no margin for surprises. The good news made me feel all warm and fuzzy. GOOD warm and fuzzy.

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