New dreamy kitchen

So you’ve been introduced to our current kitchen situation. Better show you where we’re heading as well. We’re not going over the top here because the unit we’re in quite frankly doesn’t cut the mustard for DREAMY-dreamy, just dreamy, or clean-new-and-functional type dreamy. So we’re going Ikea. (Which can of course be dreamy, just kind of difficult to achieve in our space.)

On Ikea’s website they have kitchen design software which I used to whip up quite a few different options, some of them were outrageously awesome. Until I realised I had forgotten to account for pantry space. Oh well. So back to the drawing board I went, and it became quite a bit more difficult when I had to account for that extra space for actual food storage (if memory serves me right I believe one of my early designs was even missing the fridge…).


Eventually I managed to squeeze in all the things we had agreed on:

  • Sunken sink
  • Built in oven
  • Ceramic stove top
  • Pantry space
  • Fridge
  • Dishwasher
  • Room for microwave
  • Room for fancy-pants coffee machine
  • But above all – WORK SPACE

And it came out like this.

As you can see some things are missing, like the workbench is missing its bench top because it couldn’t be added in the software. It’s going to be a wooden oak top (Numerar). The remaining bench top in the kitchen is caesarstone, which couldn’t be added either. And stovetop and oven couldn’t be included either. But you get the general idea.

As you can see we pretty much eliminated the corner cabinet solution that is currently happening in our kitchen. The baby bump will eventually go and make me more agile again, but the odds of me getting taller, or tall enough to reach across to corner cabinets… nah, don’t give that much chance of happening.

So. The material/products we chose from Ikea are the following:

  • Abstrakt high gloss white cabinet front
  • Strecket handles
  • Ceasarstone benchtop (white with speckles)
  • Bredskar sink
  • Ringskar tap

(I meant to put pics here of the caesarstone and the cabinet doors and handles but I can’t figure this blog/photo thing and I’m too tired and having attacks of Tourettes trying to figure it out so I better just publish this and try to add these 2 pics another day, sorry)

And we bought all new appliances for the event, all stainless:

  • Fridge
  • Oven
  • Ceramic stove top
  • Dishwasher

The appliances have already been bought and delivered and they’re taking up precious space in our living room.


But you get that. Before order comes chaos, right. RIGHT?! I have to believe that or I’ll lose my mind. (lalala dida… too late)

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2 Responses to New dreamy kitchen

  1. Cecilia says:

    Yes, you’re so right. Before order comes CHAOS! =) I wonder when order comes though ?!?!?!

    This will be so nice. Don’t think I’ve seen caesarstone, but it sounds nice. And you definitely got your priorities right with the fancy-pants coffee machine =)

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