The current kitchen situation, and it IS a situation

The current kitchen situation is as follows.

It doesn’t. Work.

  • There is no work space.
  • It has wall corner cabinets that short-fry here (me) can’t reach (not to mention how poorly you reach anything with the added appendage of a baby bump, not that it’s permanent, but still, just saying)
  • It’s original from the 60s so things have gone wonky over time. And justly so.
  • I’m not even going to mention colors and patterns! (and there it is, mentioned)
  • It’s poorly planned.
  • It has no work space.
  • The oven broke a while back.
  • It has four burners but only two can be used due to space constraints of the oven that is placed above ?! the burners (another Australian novelty I had never seen before I moved here. It’s awesome in a weird way).
  • Only one of those two useable burners work now.
  • There is no work space.
  • The cabinet doors no longer close properly so they’re all slightly ajar at all times which is thrilling because we can see the mess stuff inside any time we like without having to go looking for it.
  • The drawers lose stuff all the time behind the cabinet because the drawer bottoms are sagging (we used to have 12 knives, now there’s only 5, I’m very much looking forward to finding the other 7 during the demolishing)
  • It does not have a dishwasher
  • And finally, IT HAS NO WORK SPACE!

So we’re chef-ly challenged to say the least. Luckily we have an electric fry pan (used so dearly over here, never saw one in my life before I moved here) so we DO get hot meals on a daily basis without nuking stuff to death in the microwave. So please don’t worry that we’re wasting our skinny selves away…

So. Using my extraordinary talents I whipped up this entirely out of scale visual for you of what our current kitchen looks like. Please forgive me. There was a reason I did not chose a profession in the creative arts industries. But it’ll give you an idea at least of what we’re currently dealing with.


Due to this design there is quite a lot of storage I can’t reach, see the red areas.


And to keep it real, some photos of the actual kitchen. And yes, there is a dirty pan in one of the pics. Working with what we got here.

Pardon the messy counter tops but this is our daily reality and has not been tidied to make for pretty photos. Keeping it real people. It all lived in cabinets when we first moved in but as I got increasingly frustrated with the climbing I had to do to get to everyday stuff in the wall corner cabinets, stuff slowly migrated down onto our counter tops to never return to their assigned spots.

Not to mention all the rubbish we had in the cabinets from two well-established homes that were mashed when we moved in together. I’m not sure why we never pared it down to one set of everything rather than two (in 4.5 years), but that’s just how we roll in this house. We only do stuff when panic strikes.

We’re just progressively challenged.

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2 Responses to The current kitchen situation, and it IS a situation

  1. Cecilia says:

    OMG, there is no WORK SPACE. I saw a picture of that oven once before, but it was very nice (?!) to see it again. I can clearly understand your frustration and I definitely understand that you want to do it now, becuase soon you’re going to spend a LOT of time there =)

    It was nice to see a picture of you (can’t you show a proper picture of you? Please please please!).

    Look forward to seeing pictures of the kitchen once it’s finished =)

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