Unpacking update – Part 2

I’m a day late updating the unpacking progress. I wish I was a WEEK late, that way I might actually have decent progress to report!

In all fairness I have unpacked quite a few boxes, there’s just so MANY of them that it doesn’t really show.

Bubba’s room. I feel like I need a wide angle lens. Only thing changed here is that I laid her shelf down so she can use it as a bench, just like in her old room.


Master bed. It doesn’t really show in this picture but the two dressers that were in front of the window are now on the left wall. I don’t like it. Feels unbalanced. But it will allow me access to the windows so I can clean them (as in, scrape off layers of spider web). So for now this arrangement stays. Quite a lot of clothing unpacked but still one Ikea bag to go.


Guest room. No change here except for that I put the little heater in here so this freeze hole of a house doesn’t turn our child into ice. Climate control is in the works. More on that in a couple of weeks.


Bathroom. Fully unpacked, BAM! Still butt ugly and gross, but clean and semi-functional.


Dining. Where most progress has been made. I was hoping to have this all functional and dining table actually used for dining, but hey look – FLOORBOARDS! Be thankful for the little victories.


Entry. Empty of boxes. Except for some empty ones waiting to be returned to box man. Already took a full car load last weekend so that was great. The box man actually pays you to return them, it’s awesome!


Living and study. No change.


Kitchen. Apologies, you caught me at a bad time… The kitchen is actually fully unpacked and fully functional now, as in, we know where everything is. Many of the cabinets are quite shallow and can’t fit things like big mixing bowls, appliances etc so we think we may have to live with a lot of that stuff having to stand on the bench until we re-do the kitchen. It’s not ideal. I don’t really want to spend money on a large cabinet where we can store stuff either. See how long I can put up with this arrangement for.


Laundry. My favourite space to hate. And I had two trades in here yesterday that made it even messier (if that was even possible). I also found out our walls in here are asbestos which made me even more convinced that this space needs to move to the top of the list of rooms to tackle. I honestly can’t wait.


Quite a few boxes unpacked actually and yet you can’t really tell, sigh. Lots of work left to do here. See you for another unpacking update next week.

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