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Feeling empty

Our old kitchen was torn out today. We’re very excited. Advertisements

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Wee bit of kitchen progress

So we’ve had a wee bit of progress the last few days in the kitchen department. We’ve managed to find some rare seconds and minutes between feedings, cryings and settlings. It’s amazing how productive we can be when the axe … Continue reading

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Plan B

Pardon the delay in updates but we truly are Progressively Challenged here. If we ever turn into Master of Faster you’ll be sure to know. We’ve had a few bumps on the road here on our way to renovations as … Continue reading

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Breaking point

We’ve had a bit of a run in with stuff going cactus lately. (“Cactus”: Australian English for knackered, buggered, stuffed, rooted, possibly even up shit creek). Our oven broke some time back. It’s alright, we’re about to renovate. It’s ok. … Continue reading

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Prepping a kitchen for demolition

Prepping a kitchen for demolition can be quite fun. We started by tearing out everything in our cabinets. Heaps of that stuff I had not seen since we moved in here so it was a bit like Christmas and some … Continue reading

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Kitchen project management

The actual process of turning this into this will mostly be done by a company that specialises in installing Ikea kitchens, bless their little cotton socks. We sent our design to them and they reciprocated by sending their awesome project … Continue reading

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New dreamy kitchen

So you’ve been introduced to our current kitchen situation. Better show you where we’re heading as well. We’re not going over the top here because the unit we’re in quite frankly doesn’t cut the mustard for DREAMY-dreamy, just dreamy, or … Continue reading

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