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Cork it – The final chapter

Or IS IT?! (Insert Jaws sound bite here) We certainly hope this is the last of it. We’ve tag-teamed the cork since Saturday and we think we finally got it licked. The Banker went back last night to finish off the last of … Continue reading

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Cork it – Part 2

So the last on the cork situation was that Saturday evening I poured mineral turps in eight holes that I carved out of the cork. Then I left that to soak overnight. Came back Sunday morning, PRAYING that I’d be … Continue reading

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Carpet: 0 – Anna: 5

And it’s a win for the ladies lady! Removed the last of the carpet yesterday. I was too tired to even speak when I came home last night so I just didn’t have it in me to update. But the … Continue reading

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Carpet: 1 – Anna: 4

I’m winning the carpet wars. Big work day today and I got a lot done. Not everything I wanted to, but I ran out of body towards the end and decided I wanted to go home so I could see … Continue reading

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Cork it

So my study have these cork tiles glued to the floor and apparently they warp with time so floor man told me they needed to go before he comes in to install the floorboards. I tried removing some right then and … Continue reading

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Warm and fuzzy

But not good warm and fuzzy. Bad warm and fuzzy. Very bad fuzzy stuff actually – mould. I found mould when I tore in to the carpet. We already knew there were moisture under the house and we were attending … Continue reading

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Sittin’ pretty

Look what momma got for her birthday this year!   This chair is older than me, ya’ll! But not a scratch or a wrinkle. On the chair. You knew that. Maybe I should start using leather conditioner? I am such … Continue reading

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I. Am. Floored.

This is a post about FLOORS. See what I did there? So we’ve settled on the house and got the keys last Friday. Which means WE OWN A HOUSE Anywho. For the most part the house has got wall to … Continue reading

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So we bought a house

It’s been a long time coming and we chose to hit the house market just as everyone else did too so it was a … thrilling, let’s go with thrilling, ride. Houses that were within our budget six months ago, … Continue reading

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Itty bitty bits

Painting floor trim. Right now. As we speak. And this is only six days after I said I would! Now THAT is progress. Proof:    

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