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Nursery stencil – done!

And she loves it! Luckily. We love it too. I was terrified the whole time during the process. It’s my first stencil, so wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing. Or if I would hate it when done. I said … Continue reading

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Al Fresco (and other things)

After I got rid of the two cane chairs that came with the house there was nothing left to sit on in the backyard, except for yo caboose. Not that we ever sat in those chairs anyway, they looked way … Continue reading

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TV awesomeness (and other sparky stuff)

Update: It was pointed out to me that the new placement of the TV in relation to where it was before and to where the sofas are, isn’t quite clear, so I’m adding another photo at the beginning of this … Continue reading

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TV conundrums

Our tv had the strangest setup. Maybe you wondered why one of our sofas would have its back towards the tv (or maybe you could care less) but I always meant for the tv to be on the wall that is … Continue reading

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The cubby house situation

I figure the house is equally as much bubba’s as it is ours and that we need to allow for dedicated space for her to play and keep toys in the areas where we spend the most time, and not just in … Continue reading

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Have a seat, whydontcha

We wanted a second sofa when we moved in to the house, and with a long-stay house guest coming soon-ish we really needed to get on it. There’s something about three adults sitting side by side, all facing forward, that feels a bit … Continue reading

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We built a pool

One of the things we planned loooong before we even bought a house was to get a pool. When house hunting we mostly looked at houses with pools and some without that had room to get one built. House prices are not … Continue reading

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Spring time

When we first bought the house we had big plans to attack the landscaping first thing. Back yard, the front and curb appeal. The works. We quickly realised we would be better off “getting to know” the property first. See how … Continue reading

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This is a love story

About wheels. I’ve owned two cars. They were both filled to the brim with character. Each other’s polar opposites. And pieces of junk. And I loved both more than one probably should an inanimate object. My first car was a Ford Taunus … Continue reading

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Another boring and costly progress update

When we had the positive pressure system installed we found out our circuit board was asbestos. I have a list as long as my arm on electrical things we want to update, a lot of them are new installs which means new … Continue reading

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