Al Fresco (and other things)

After I got rid of the two cane chairs that came with the house there was nothing left to sit on in the backyard, except for yo caboose. Not that we ever sat in those chairs anyway, they looked way too scary for that.

We debated what kind of seating we wanted outside. Did we want to lounge? Did we want to dine? (“Dine”. Sounds like someone would serve french cuisine on a silver dish. Ya, that’ll happen…). We came to the conclusion that we lounge on our front porch and in our inside living area so we decided the fine French dining experience would suffice for our al fresco piece of property.

I’ll stop trying to be fancy now.

Enter Falster from Ikea. I was all set on white, having seen how lovely even the old white rotten chairs looked amongst all that green, but when we stumbled upon this washed grey set we were sold.

We likes it. We likes it a lot.


It will probably need an umbrella of sorts, it get’s stinking hot back there. See what we can find.

Part from unpacking that (bought it a couple of weeks ago) we’ve had a busy and productive weekend around here. I installed a new fresh toilet seat that caters for both big ones and little ones. Check this out.

Big bottom.


Little bottom.


Hilarious. We flipped the little seat up and down for much longer than maybe is normal. Funny. Every. Time. Aaah, good times.

Then we had a builder here to quote a new ceiling for our front porch. He dropped in on his way to his nephew’s wedding. As you do. Expecting quote to be scary. See how we go with that. Maybe the Banker needs to spend more time on the racetrack… Any tips Pa?!

We also have big rubbish collection today so everyone puts out old furniture etc on the kerb for council to pick up. We mostly had very large cardboard boxes that would take up too much space in our normal recycling bin.


Not only council comes by to pick it up, but in the last couple of days we’ve had 100 small trucks passing by to check out the neighbourhood’s large rubbish. True story. Underestimation if any. The Banker think they’re vultures and scabs but I think it’s the ultimate recycling. Whatever is left for the council to pick up goes straight to landfill. Whatever the “scabs” are picking up is melted, or spruced up and resold, or heaven forbid, hoarded by someone else. Oh well, better them than us. At least someone takes advantage of our leftovers rather than it going to landfill.

And the most exciting part of the whole weekend (ok, the big bottom/little bottom thing is still hilarious) is this.


(Pardon the blur, don’t know what happened there. Maybe too many working beers?) I’m finally finishing the trim in bubba’s room. And the new skirting is being painted as well.


So very very exciting.


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4 Responses to Al Fresco (and other things)

  1. mamma says:

    Gillar utemöblerna. Mycket! En behaglig grå färg som är mycket snyggare än vitt på dessa klassiska utemöbler. Bra val. Hade ni tänkt ha ett segel eller ett parasoll?
    Vad säger Grace om mini sitsen på toan? Har hon testat?

    Kul att se att det händer så mycket. Stor framgång.

  2. Mamma says:

    Tror inte jag sett ett sådant parasoll någon gång.

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