Little things

The big changes are taking their time around here but I’ve gotten a few little things done.

We now have an escape artist in our midst. Someone figured out how to open the front door all by herself. I got a simple latch and screwed it in to the door frame and the door, high up, so she can’t reach it.


I also bought a few small succulents that I planted in Ikea’s marble mortar, bought two of them to use as pots because I loved the marble and thought they’d go well together. I can see now that I need one more succulent for each.


Two of these rattan chairs came with the house. They were in pretty bad shape and very dirty.


I didn’t have it in me to fix them up but thought somebody else might, so I posted them on Gumtree (Australia’s Craigslist). I figured I had nothing to lose, listing being free and all. If no one replied within two weeks I was taking the ad down and putting the chairs out for the council curbside pickup in October.

I listed them honestly with lots of photos, showing how filthy and bad shape they were in. The price: $0. I had two replies within the first hour and the chairs were picked up by a DIY enthusiast this morning. Win-win-win. Win for me getting rid of them quickly, and for free. Win for DIY lady getting them for free and having a new project. Win for third person buying them off DIY lady and living happily ever after. Awesome.

Then. Do you remember this old bugger?


The old letterbox was lying around in our carport waiting for the October council pickup as well. The chair lady took this one as well. AWESOME!

And then we bought this stunning green rug for the living room and it arrived this morning as well.


So a few little things.

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