Houseversary – Two months

Yesterday we had been in our house for two months. I feel like I’m treading water a bit and not really getting anywhere with getting the house pretty, so I thought maybe looking back at the past two months to see what’s been done might make me feel better:



  • installed book cases in dining room
  • removed annoying tree that was knocking on our bedroom window at night
  • removed weird blinds hardware in bubba’s bedroom window
  • created a little play space for bubs
  • tore out all skirting in bubba’s room
  • tore out the innards of her wardrobe
  • removed clingy plant off front porch railing
  • bought two pretty rugs and planted some indoor plants


  • bought new sofa and got rid of the old one
  • removed redundant old yucky chairs in the backyard
  • toddler proofed front door
  • had pestman over to spray for spideys (was disgusting, and still is, it aggravates the spiders and they come out in FORCE before they cark it)

Ok. I look at that list and I can see now we’ve done a fair bit, although most of it is stuff you can’t SEE, or things that are functional rather than pretty, hence the lack of feeling any real progress.


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3 Responses to Houseversary – Two months

  1. Mamma says:

    Det är ju en otrolig massa saker som har blivit uträttade!

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