Crime scene?

This coffee table looks like it’s been dusted for fingerprints.


Admittedly having a glass table with a small child isn’t a great idea but we had the table before bubba and it sort of just tagged along for the ride.

The problem now is the afternoon sun. It makes every little smudge look a hundred times worse. Or… it’s probably just showing the actual filth which was never really accentuated before.


I clean this thing every day. I KNOW! And I realise there is no way you’d ever believe me, I hardly do either. But fact remains that I do, and I get nothing to show for it. Or actually, I get DUSTY SMUDGE GALORE to show for it. (If we’re going to be honest here, I only clean the underside maybe every few weeks, but the top still get’s a goings-over every day. True story.)

So we’ve finally decided it will have to go. [Insert a I-will-never-clean-a-coffee-table-again dance here].

I will head out to what I understand is a treasure trove as soon as my car arrives (I’m finally getting a CAR! ARRRRGH!). It’ll be our bonding trip, me and the car. The Salvos (Salvation Army) have a large furniture depot somewhere out west and I’ve been DYING to go there for forever.

I’m hoping to find something with nice lines, good bones and something I can give a little paint-luv maybe. I’m thinking it’d be fun if it still allows bubba to crawl under, which she loves (hence the footprints and smudges UNDERNEATH the table). We’ll see what’s out there on the day.

I’m not sure what will replace our coffee table but I’m PRET-TY sure it won’t be another glass table.

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2 Responses to Crime scene?

  1. Mamma says:

    He he he. Och inte ens är det jag som varit där. Bara det allra sötaste små fingrarna

  2. Mmmm… Inte bara sma sota fingrar… Glom inte bort att jag ar gift…

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