A play space

Pre-house, when I was still only dreaming about a house, I always visualised my LACK of interior design prowess to magically turn in to a KNACK for interior design (see what I did there?). Here’s to hoping.

Even though I was hoping to make us a beautiful home I also always wanted for it to have plenty of play space. Which obviously means toys in the open and (occasionally ugly colourful) things that allow for playtime. Not so beautiful. Not so much interior design prowess-ing. But this is bubba’s house too and she couldn’t care less about vintage armchairs or matching soothing colours.

Cool-ish hard floorboards however do not invite to sitting around and playing for hours. So I decided to buy a play mat. Most of those look like this.


Yeah… I was hoping to find something that was more of a compromise between interior design and creating play spaces.

So the other day I found this.


It’s four foam squares that form a play mat/yoga mat and I ordered two sets to get a substantial surface for her to play on. I think the calm grey will (sort of) blend in better than the alphabet mat.

Yes husband, this is what I do when you travel for work. Never leave me alone with the internet shopping network computer.

I put it together when she was napping. Took about five minutes where three minutes was spent looking for the utility knife. I was surprised to find that although they sell it as an expandable system, the two sets didn’t match seamlessly.


It was an easy fix though and with a wee bit of cutting it was perfect.


I know this doesn’t look awesome and that I’m still flaunting my lack of interior design prowess but it’ll get better down the track, I promise.

The first thing she said when she woke up was “Oooh nice rug!”, and then she was straight into it.


Somersaults anyone?

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3 Responses to A play space

  1. mamma says:

    Bra betyg från den lilla. I hennes ögon var den snygg/mysig och hon var på den på en gång. Kan inte bli bättre betyg

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