The vision – Nursery

The nursery will be all about me. Pretty much. It will reflect things that I grew up with and that connects with the culture I was brought up in.

I find the longer I’m away from the Motherland, the more I appreciate the things I took for granted growing up. So I’m going to shove it on to my daughter. Makes sense, right?

I also want to go a little bit crazy and out there (so again, all about me). I mean, if you can’t do it in a kid’s room, when can you?

I tried to do one of those fancy pants mood boards to show you my vision for bubba’s room, but yeah, not happening. Turns out I have no idea how to do one.

We bought a rug already. It’s much bigger than the picture shows.



It’s a grey wool rug. Waiting for it to arrive but I’m very excited.

She’s still in her cot so that’ll just be transferred from the guest room.


The walls in her room will be painted white. But. BUT. I’m dying to do a stenciled feature wall, like this one. Birch trees. A nod to the Motherland.

feature wall

But not blue. Celery. Like a light green. I’m terrified. Absolutely terrified. I’ve never done stencils before and it seems finicky. And not just finicky, but what if it’s TOO MUCH you know? Terrified. But I think I’m doing it anyway. YOLO. (You Only Live Once).

And then I stumbled upon this picture and fell smack dab in love. Bubba loves yellow so I thought this could be a fun thing to do to her wardrobe doors. Lacquered. A bit out there. Love it.

yellow lacquer

I also have a fun-wall in mind, something playful she can interact with, but I’m not sure I can pull that off yet so for now I’ll keep it to myself.

She needs a soft and cushy seating area, but I need to think on that for a bit as well.

Another nod to the Motherland is a String shelf. White, not black. Love those things and have wanted one for years. Not sure yet how I’ll get my grubby hands on one but I’ll figure it out.


And then art and accessories but I think I need to see the big stenciled wall in real life first before I even dare start thinking of the little things.

So the list of things to do for her room is:

  • remove old skirting
  • remove old skirting residue
  • paint the walls and inside wardrobe white
  • stencil birch trees on one wall
  • cut, paint and install new skirting
  • install more power outlets (1? 2?)
  • sort out the random cables sticking out of the floor
  • paint ceiling
  • exchange ceiling light
  • clean, spackle, sand and paint window frame
  • clean window and its aluminium frame
  • install blinds
  • make and hang curtains
  • clean, spackle, sand and paint wardrobe door frame
  • clean, sand and paint door frame
  • get a rug
  • paint wardrobe doors yellow and lacquer
  • install wardrobe system
  • make the fun-wall
  • hang some art (some of it will be references to things I grew up with, go Tintin!)
  • arrange a soft and cushy seating area
  • get a couple of reading lights
  • acquire and hang the String shelf
  • exchange outlet covers and light switch covers

The function of her room will mainly be for sleeping and storing her clothes and probably her books. We have so many other areas in the house where I think she’ll prefer to keep her toys (close to us) that I’m not sure I’ll work that in to her room right now. There will be a day for sure when she’ll demand her privacy and space, but thankfully that’s not this week.

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3 Responses to The vision – Nursery

  1. mamma says:

    Älskar de gula garderoberna!! Din favoritfärg när du var liten var också gult.
    Ska bli spännande att se björkarna

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