The prettifying has started

It’ll however be a while before anything actually LOOKS pretty. In my case the old adage of “chaos before order” is very true.

I’m starting in bubba’s room. I have some idea of what I would like to see happen in there but I’ll come back to that another day, the vision and all and the list of what’s to do.

The Banker went grocery shopping and took bubba with him this afternoon so all of a sudden I found myself NOT being interrupted every 20 seconds. Initially I got a bit lightheaded from the sudden rush of freedom but then I realised I had a short window of opportunity, so I jumped right in, not even moving any furniture.


Skirting. I started tearing in to the skirting.

When we had the floorboards installed we paid extra for the installer to remove all the skirting. I didn’t have time to do it and those very scary nail strips from the carpet was in the way.

carpet needle strip

The skirting was in a pretty bad shape in the whole house so when we decided on floorboards we decided we’d upgrade the skirting too and install new fresh skirting down the line. So the floorboard installer was told to not put the old skirting back.

They did anyway. And this is the love and care they did it with.


So it’s looking a bit cruddy everywhere. I suppose having the skirting, although damaged and dented, does make the floorboards look a bit more finished.


But I can’t wait to have it removed everywhere and replaced with freshly painted, un-dented skirting.

This post is not sponsored by UNI-PRO and their Real Good Scraper.

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3 Responses to The prettifying has started

  1. mamma says:

    Apropå ingenting så är jag inte bra på lister och dylikt. Vill bara berätta så att du vet

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