A letterbox update

I was going to stalk Pete the Postie today and see if I could get an opinion on our new letterbox arrangement. Yes, I did want a pat on the back, don’t judge me, but somehow I missed him.

He didn’t miss me though.

Peter Postie note

He took the time to stop and write me a note on our mail!

“Love the new letter box! 10/10 Pete the Posties best l/box award [something] [something] [something] smiley face”.

(If you can read the something-something, please share.)

10 ot of 10! I got more than the pat I was hoping for. He’s hilarious!

I love Pete the Postie.

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2 Responses to A letterbox update

  1. mamma says:

    Så läckert att han lämnade ett meddelande!!!! Hamnar han på julpresentlistan nu?

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