“We’re up to our asses in alligators on this one, gentlemen.” -Hetty Lange

That’s what it felt like today with one bad news after the other.

I had the trades people here all day that were installing the new positive pressure ventilation. And not only did the thing not work at the end of the day but during the install they found several other things I didn’t like the sound of.

  • Oh you want to install more power outlets? That’s nice, but you know that the subfloor insulation we just put in for X thousand dollars will have to be removed first and then reinstalled?
  • Oh you want to install more power outlets? You know each one needs a breaker switch, which will have to be installed on your circuit board, no biggie, except for that the entire board is asbestos. So we won’t do it.
  • Did you know you have random asbestos boards just lying around in your roof? (No. No I did not.)
  • We couldn’t open the wall for the air outlet under the roof because … everyone… IT IS ASBESTOS. So we’ll just put this ugly blob on your roof instead that will remove the outflow.
  • Oh, and the heater to your positive pressure ventilation does not work and we don’t know why. And the owner is away on holidays for another ten days.


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6 Responses to Alligators

  1. CmdrPrompt says:

    Darn those alligators…

  2. Mamma says:

    Vad ska man säga!!!!!!!
    Stackers er

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