Knock knock! Who’s there?


Arbitrary who?

Arbitrary arboretum.

Yeaaah… I agree. Not even remotely funny. But neither was the knocking and squeaking on the window ALL. NIGHT. by this grand fella outside our bedroom.


I was considering heading out at 4 am for a while and just tear the darned thing out of its sockets, but my nose tip told me it was FREEZING out of bed and it was obviously very windy outside (hence the knockingly squeaky rub). And I had the electric blanket on. So I just suffered through it and bided my time.

Which came during nap time.


I grabbed my secateurs and a saw to basically murder this tree. (And yes, it’s bin day.)


But if you imagine the sounds of someone rubbing a balloon with their fingertips, and pulling their nails across a blackboard then you would understand why I had to do what I had to do.


Any resistance was futile. I had made up my mind and wasn’t taking any prisoners. So now there will be no more knocking.



Still loads of greenery out there.


But none of it trying to get through the window.

Before and after.


The mind boggles at the difference.

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