When things go Kaplooee

There are no pretty pics in this post. No bad ones either. And for that you will thank me if you continue to read to see what this post is about.

I had just posted those two posts last night, getting ready for bed, and the toilet wouldn’t flush. As in, you press the flusher and then watch the water in the toilet RISE rather than suck.

Kaplooee. With emphasis on P(l)ooee.

After some investigation we found that it wasn’t just the toilet. A straw, jumped out of the sink drain in the kitchen. Ya, a straw, like a drinking straw. We don’t use straws. And if we did we wouldn’t stick them down a drain, so that was kind of interesting to wonder how long that straw had been luring around for. And how it managed to bounce out of a sink drain?

Then the (un)funnest part of all was going out in to the backyard and finding this tissue like substance on the tiles coming out of the drain. Tissue like. As in toilet paper. I had to spell it out for you.


Even though I at this point realised that plunging and a strong gush of water from a big bucket down the loo wouldn’t help, I still had a crack at it but I was right the first time. It was a no go.

With very shaky nerves we did go to bed, wondering if we’d wake up to ankle high Kaplooee on our brand new floorboards. But we didn’t. And we thanked the New House Owner Gods for not picking us for an uplifting prank. This time.

I have a plumber. We haven’t actually met yet, just excessive communication over phone and text so far. He was due to come out tomorrow afternoon actually to amp up the functionality of a lot of plumbery things, but as it was he now received a pretty frantic text first thing in the morning. And what do you know. He sent his man, who came out to rescue us. And not only did man rescue us and fixed the Kaplooee. He even cleaned up the Kaplooee in the backyard!!!

So now we don’t have to visit McDonalds down the road anymore for emergency toilet runs. (True story). (Twice).

We love our plumber (and his man). And we haven’t even met him yet.

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3 Responses to When things go Kaplooee

  1. Cecilia says:

    Tumme ner för läbbiga avlopp. Tumme upp för snabb röris-hjälp. Även om ni inte träffat honom än =)

    Inga fler såna överraskningar nu va?

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