Unpacking update

Yeah. I have none. There has been very little progress since we moved in almost a week ago. The first four days in the house, I spent back in the unit, wrapping that up, cleaning and all the whatnots. So even though I’ve slept here for almost a week I feel like I’ve only had 2-3 days here. But the unit settled today and we’re officially divorced from it so we’re ready now to let the unpacking motivation flow and make this house a home.

Most of my friends would probably unpack their move in a week. I’ve seen my bestie Lisa (Hi Lisa!) move house three times and she seriously unpacks in a day. A full house. In. A. Day. I don’t know how she does that. Lisa. I will seriously fly you over if you come here right now and do this for me!

This will take us time. For some added motivation I’m going to take photos weekly of the rooms in the house until it’s unpacked. This way it may only take a week or two. (HA!) Nothing like some public humiliation to motivate progress.

So here it goes.

Bubba’s room. Currently just a playroom.


Master bedroom.


Guest room. Currently used as bubba’s bedroom due to neighbour’s backyard works which would’ve interfered with her naps.




Dining room.

IMG_7880 IMG_7882



Living and study.



IMG_7881 IMG_7883

And last and certainly least. Laundry.


There it is.

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