Moving house

Tomorrow is the day. We’re leaving the unit for our first house. Which obviously means… packing.

Since this is the Intrawebs, and both of our mothers read this space of ours, I won’t disclose exactly how I feel, with the exact words I would like to use. But let’s say that I find the process of packing… arduous. That’s it. Nice and educated, that’s all me. University education shining through.

And have you ever packed with the help of a two year old? If you’re considering it, I would suggest you wait. Until they’re 12. Or at least in school. See, I build boxes, thinking in my stupidity that I’m building them for ME. But see, I have a two year old who goes: “Awesome! Massive building blocks!” (Or as she would actually say “Cool, man!” I’m really not sure where she picked that phrase up. It certainly isn’t anything that is used around here. Honestly.)


I’ve been trying to bribe her with copious amounts of TV and biscuits (parenting at its finest), to little avail, which means I have a unit full of EMPTY moving boxes stacked and organised as houses and walls, and not so many boxes with actual stuff in it.

The chaos continues. Moving men comes tomorrow midday. Perhaps if I get off this blog and tie the two year old up (joke) I may be able to get this done.

See you in a couple of days.

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1 Response to Moving house

  1. Cecilia says:

    Wiiiii, vad spännande. Ser fram emot fortsättningen =) Och stort grattis till nya huset!

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