Bye bye carpet

I’ve been logging all that carpet and underlay back to our unit in our car, roll by roll, because we have free “large household garbage” pickup in our current council but not in the council where the house is located. Cheapskates? You betcha!

The pickup is scheduled for today so late last night I went out and dragged it all out from the garage where I’ve stashed it waiting for this day. I was so lucky and found a spot for the car so I could move it out of the garage. That way I could just drag all the carpet to the garage opening and leave it there, totally out of the way of our neighbours, rather than build a death defying pile right outside the door (which is the usual go).

Considering how hard I worked to get this stuff out of our house I’m a little disappointed the pile isn’t higher and more death defying.


And at the same time as the carpet is being shipped off, the new floorboards are being delivered to our house. Big day. Big day indeed.

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