Cork it

So my study have these cork tiles glued to the floor and apparently they warp with time so floor man told me they needed to go before he comes in to install the floorboards. I tried removing some right then and there and those tiles… someone was DILIGENT when they put these puppies down! No matter how much I hacked away, the cork would only come off in crumbles. They were not just glued but they were GLUED! And here I had an entire room to do. I felt slight dread over the work ahead of me.

Floor man just shrugged and told me to hack six to eight holes evenly spread across the floor and pour four litres of mineral turpentine in the holes and leave over night. Next day I should be able to basically peel off the cork tiles.


So today I hacked eight holes in the cork, each one located in an “intersection” of four tiles, and I also criss crossed each tile with a utility knife. Then I bought four litres of mineral turp and poured into the holes with a dash of turp across the criss crosses on the rest of the floor for good measure.


So now I wait.

What? You didn’t think I was going to give the ending away did you?

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