Carpet: 1 – Anna: 4

I’m winning the carpet wars. Big work day today and I got a lot done. Not everything I wanted to, but I ran out of body towards the end and decided I wanted to go home so I could see bubba before she went to bed.

  • I took down all curtains and curtain rods.
  • I removed part of a bush that’s growing across the path that leads to the front door
  • I removed all carpet, underlay and staples in the study
  • I removed all carpet, underlay and staples in the living room (now that was a big job)
  • I removed all of the nail strip in the study so I could get to all of the cork (unfortunately a surprise job I had forgotten I needed to do since I’m in charge of removing all the cork, which must be done before floor man comes even though he’s doing all of the remaining nail strips)
  • I carved eight holes in the cork and poured the turp in
  • I mould treated the areas that needed it with oil of cloves (between the turp and the oil of cloves the house now smells rather interesting…)
  • I loaded up the car with as much carpet and underlay and curtains I could fit to take home (we have free “large house hold garbage” disposal in our current council, that means everything from furniture, white goods, mattresses and even wall to wall carpet. Stuff you normally have to pay hundreds to have picked up and taken to the tip is free in our current council while the council where the house is doesn’t provide that service).
  • I removed the carpet in the master bedroom

Then I ran out of body and wanted to go home to my family.

So for all that work, all I can show for really is this.

IMG_7686 IMG_7689 IMG_7688

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