Sittin’ pretty

Look what momma got for her birthday this year!



This chair is older than me, ya’ll! But not a scratch or a wrinkle. On the chair. You knew that. Maybe I should start using leather conditioner?

I am such a lucky girl. (Thank you, husband!) This chair has upped the ante on our entire decor though. Good thing we had already decided to chuck my old sofa that I’ve had since I came to Australia (almost 14 years now) because the two of them would be like the Beauty and the Beast. Without the happy ending. For the sofa.

Don’t say anything to the rest of our furniture, but quite a few of our pieces will go wherever old sofas go to die retire, but it’ll have to happen little by little. When one starts paying out of one’s nose for floorboards, one simply have to allow for the rest to take some time.

Love, One


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