Kitchen reveal (or, Most of Kitchen Reveal)

Lisa, this one’s for you! And major apologies to all for the delayed reveal.

Last post was exactly 2 months ago and we have used the kitchen very successfully since around that time. Having said that there were a few glitches on the way:

  • one of the cabinet doors being glued shut (it is sadly true, handyman had to come fix)
  • my full name and address being written on our sink, facing outwards, which would have been GREAT for when we sell this place (note sarcasm)
  • vinyl flooring poorly cut along walls
  • window and door frames needing the final coat of paint

But part from the above the kitchen is now done. Completed. Finished. Done. And. Dusted.

We’re very very happy with it. It’s very white. Like, deafening white. The Banker said I probably mean blindingly. But no, it’s so white it’s actually deafening. We’ll have to throw some colour and texture in there with some decorative kitchen items.

We went over budget. As you do. But it’s clean. And has work space. And a design that actually WORKS.

Oh, speaking of work space. The kitchen island needs to be completed still. See if I can get that done soonish. If our baby treasure will let me. It’s unreal how something so cute and precious can be such a time waster, bless her little cotton socks.

Anywho. Here is da kitchen.

And this is where the island will go.

And for a hoot, how about some comparison pictures.

But like I said we’re not completely done. This is the cutting of the vinyl flooring.

I had to buy some floor trim to cover that debacle. I’ve cut mitred corners for a nice finish. I haven’t put this down yet but will paint it first before I set it permanently. And I will not disclose the time it took me to get the circled corner below correct, but now it’s right and I’m pretty darn smug for having figured it out.

And then of course it’s the debacle of the kitchen island that because the project people didn’t buy the one we wanted when they were asked to, Ikea stopped making it and now only makes one without shelves. So I’m adding shelves to it myself (that’ll be another post around the time Grace turns ten no doubt…). It’s currently hanging around in the dining room gathering stuff like all our horisontal surfaces do. It’s a sickness. There should be support groups.

But part from those little itty bitty bits, we’re very happy indeed.

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5 Responses to Kitchen reveal (or, Most of Kitchen Reveal)

  1. Ann-Kathrine says:

    Mycket mycket snyggt! Gillar de avlånga skåpen och de små öppna fyrkanterna som ni har lagt vinflaskor i. Gillar hela köket som har blivit enormt snyggt. Listerna har du gjort otroligt bra. Måste vara svårt att få till de så exakt. Vad är det för färgdetaljer du har tänkt att få dit då?

    • Frukt i ek-skalen (applen just nu), blommor, kanske farska kryddor, nan tavla pa vaggen kanske. Sen kommer ju ek-skivan pa kokson gora det lite varmare ocksa. Tanker mig gula och grona accenter kanske. Och kanske en matta. Hade garna velat haft en klassisk svensk trasmatta men da far jag val gora den sjalv!

      • Ann-Kathrine says:

        Gult och grönt blir fint mot det vita. Trasmatta hmmmm. Det finns ett företag som gör moderna trasmattor som heter Pappelina (tror jag). Snygga mattor som man ofta ser i tidningar.

  2. Lisa says:

    MEEEEN så fint gumman!!!!!! ÅÅÅÅÅHHH!! – jag vill åsså ha nytt kök….* buhu* heheheh……
    Ser ju såååå lyxigt ut. Och som sagt…-vinhylla också…mmmm…. trevligt trevligt!!


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