Wee bit more progress

Tore out the old vinyl today. It had concrete on it so it needed to go, otherwise we might have left it as an underlay for the new flooring.

Also chipped off any remaining tile on the wall, although it might not look like that in this photo. There used to be terracotta bloppets (technical word) left over on the wall which I had to remove. Removing the tiles were something we were stuck with doing ourselves as part of the demolition, but when the guys got here they just got stuck in to it and removed all the tiles themselves, bless. So all I had to do myself was to remove the said little clumps of left overs and that was done fairly easily and quickly with a spackle and hammer.

Also had to fill in some major holes to prep for painting, which is due to happen tomorrow.

Just in time for install on Monday. I hope.

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4 Responses to Wee bit more progress

  1. Mamma says:

    Nu ser det ut att hända saker. Allt kommer säkert att rulla på nu. Så spännande och jag är mycket nyfiken på resultatet.

  2. Lisa says:

    Jösses gumman , ni har det lite tight och stökigt mitt i bäbis lyckan men oj va bra det kommer bli när det är klart…-det är jag säker på. Ska bli så spännande att se…..
    HÅLL UT!!!! (precis som det fanns något alternativ för er…. ;o) hihi… men ja…du fattar… )

    Kram å puss!!!

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