Feeling hardy

John didn’t come. We still love John. Because he sent the good man Bruce, his colleague, instead. We love Bruce.

This is what Bruce did.

He mixed concrete on our floor. And then levelled out the gaps.

So now the new flooring can be laid on top and no one will ever know we used to have a gappy floor.

Now this concrete needs to harden up. I’m meant to fill in a large hole in the wall, spackle, paint, and remove the old vinyl flooring before Monday’s install but it’ll have to be a last minute thing on the weekend (a last minute job by us? what a surprise…) while we wait for the concrete to toughen up.

We’re not worried. At all.

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4 Responses to Feeling hardy

  1. Thomas Lindqvist says:

    Looking good, that…

  2. Mamma says:

    Det är ju bara torsdag idag 🙂 .
    Hur länge ska cementen ligga innan ni kan gå på den?

    • Beror pa fuktigheten i luften och det ar ganska fuktigt just nu. Vi har 3.5 dagar pa oss innan nya koksskapen kommer, och det ar val lite som Bruce sa “det maste racka, for det ar all tid vi har”… Inte orolig alls…

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