Before order comes chaos, and more chaos

Right? RIGHT? I need to believe that because the chaos are overwhelming right now. Nothing like a few surprises to keep you on your toes. When the kitchen was torn out on Monday this was uncovered:

And this:

The floor did not go from wall to wall but only from cabinet to cabinet. Go figure. And since our new cabinets won’t go in the exact same spots as the old ones there would be gaps in the floor. 2 cm deep gaps.

So now what do we do? What would Gibbs do, we asked ourselves? Always must ask what Gibbs would do. Gibbs would kick ar*e and get our silly builders to fix it, but we’re not quite as icey cool as Leroy Jethro Gibbs so we started calling around to see if we could find another tradie that both knew how to handle this situation and want to, and have time to, fix this before next Monday when the new kitchen is going in. Kind of difficult fixing up a floor after the new cabinets have gone in.

After quite a few calls and too many rejections to mention, we got hold of John. We love John. He came yesterday afternoon to survey the drama and is on his way here right now to fix it for us.

We love John.

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4 Responses to Before order comes chaos, and more chaos

  1. Thomas Lindqvist says:

    Most of all, Gibbs would be building a boat in his basement WHILE kicking some ar*e and getting his silly builders to fix the problem. It’s a good thing you found John! Otherwise, “flytspackel” (whatever it’s called in english) is easy enough to handle on your own. Mix it, pour it out in the recess and just wait for nature to have it’s way with it.

    No… Actually… Errhm… Gibbs would be taking care of the flytspackel* all on his own WHILE kicking said posterior body parts AND building a boat. But you’re totally on the right track asking what Gibbs would do! 😉

    * Could it be as easy translated as this? Filler = flytspackel?

  2. Mamma says:

    Jag Àlskar ocksÄ John. För er skull sÄ Àlskar jag honom. LikasÄ Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Som skulle ha smackat de ursprungliga byggarna i huvudet om han sett detta.
    Tror aldrig att jag har hört talas om nÄgot liknande nÄgon gÄng. Helt otroligt!

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