Wee bit of kitchen progress

So we’ve had a wee bit of progress the last few days in the kitchen department. We’ve managed to find some rare seconds and minutes between feedings, cryings and settlings. It’s amazing how productive we can be when the axe is over our heads and the feeling of urgency (“Is that her? Is she waking AGAIN?! Hurry before she actually wakes!”) is as massive as it has been the last 10 days since we brought our treasure home. Just goes to show what you can accomplish in a day when you try to…

Tomorrow the builders are coming to tear out our kitchen and before then we had to:

  • empty cabinets of stuff we used daily and did not put in storage for that reason
  • find new place for daily used stuff, and not in kitchen
  • move dining table to make room for kitchen flatpack delivery in the dining area
  • move fridge out of kitchen
  • find spot for microwave so we can still use it for sterilising of breast milk equipment

We started with clearing the dining room of the table and chairs. The chairs are hiding behind the appliances.

Then they came and delivered our kitchen. Doesn’t look like much does it? (And see, I even managed to pack up our Christmas stuff as well! Now who’s a good girl?!)

And I fell in love. Hormones or no hormones, but isn’t this sink just DIVINE! Check out the depth and the width of this sucker! Can’t wait to use it. Maybe Gracie can even inaugurate it with a bath.

Then we moved our fridge. Don’t ask how. We’re not sure how we managed between the two of us of which one isn’t allowed to do much of anything due to c-section wound across her gut. But rest assured, we were very careful.

We’re still debating whether to donate the fridge to Salvos or call the council for a garbage pick up. Salvos are surprisingly picky about things they receive for free and my old fridge has a few scratches and years on it so who knows if they’d be happy to haul it away or not. We’re not keeping it anyways. We can’t WAIT to unravel our stainless wonder that you can see right next to the old fridge. Or, you can’t see it, being it’s still in its cardboard wrapping. (And note where our every day food items ended up as well, right smack on the dining table. It’s only for a week. )

Moving the fridge now allows me to get to the wallpaper behind it since that was one of the things we had to do ourselves (remove wallpaper, remove tiles and glue, paint walls and ceiling).

I actually started on removing the wallpaper when I was 8 months pregnant, but then I tore that silly intercostal muscle and was rendered useless for the rest of the pregnancy so the progress in that department was… challenged. That’s how we roll here, as you know.

But even though I didn’t get very far, don’t you think it still looks so much better? Like, less cluttered without the wallpaper pattern? No? Ok fair enough.

And today I gave the tiles a red hot go as well. Just a teaser. Didn’t get much time between feedings and settlings today but at least I got the feel of how it’ll go to remove the tiles. Didn’t seem too hard (famous last words?). Luckily there’s not too many of them. Need to remove the glue underneath the tiles as well.

So, tomorrow they’re coming to haul our old kitchen out the door. Me and Gracie will go to her auntie’s to spend the afternoon away from potential noise and dust, while the Banker will oversee the demolition work.

We’re very excited!

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