Amazing Grace

Our daughter  Grace was born 29 December at 8.26 pm. She weighed a healthy 3.65 kg and was 52 cm long (I told some of you 50 which was wrong, drugs talking maybe, what can I tell you).

We’ve been home from hospital for 10 days now and life’s a bit hectic around here. I’m dying to get a whole bunch of posts and pics up on the blog and hope to get to it little by little, but currently I’m mostly proud over the fact that we’ve showered every day and we haven’t skipped a single of our own meals (althugh they have been at odd hours at times) and that might just be the extent of our ambitions at this stage. Any outings and catch-ups currently feel remote but as the days go by both mum and baby will get more efficient at feeding so eventually that just may not take all of our waking time anymore.

Nicknames thus far:
Guzzlor (bit of a food-waggon this one)

She’s the fourth generation West Tigers (aka Magpies) supporter. Swans supporter (obviously), and has closely followed the cricket the last few days (as a matter of fact, cricket was our choice of entertainment during labour). Such is life raising an Australian…

And finally, a pic of the little creature consuming our lives and hearts (not necessarily in that order).

(footnote for non-Australians, Tigers is a Rugby League team, and Swans an Australian Football team. Yes, entirely different sports and closely followed in this household together with the cricket and a range of other Australian sporting events)

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4 Responses to Amazing Grace

  1. Lisa says:

    Lilla prinsessan…sååååå söt!!!

  2. Cecilia says:

    Sååå bedårande go, man vill ju bara klappa de där urmysiga gulliga kinderna =)

    Apropå finnar, ätit något “olämpligt”?

    Hur är det? Hur känns det? Har ni “landat” än? =)

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