Christmas with the cranks

So after a bit of shuffling things around here at home we managed to get a little bit of space for some Christmas decorations. I still have the cranks though (hence the post title) because I couldn’t fit the tree this year. Would’ve gotten too messy. And would’ve had difficulty putting it up anyways in my current state. And then it would’ve had to be taken down before 10 Jan when the new kitchen is delivered and must be put in our dining room until end of Jan when they come to install it. And who knows what we’re capable of doing with a new baby in the house anyways, so better not create more work for ourselves than we have to.

Just sharing the wee bit of Christmas with you that we could fit in. Bedroom Christmas:

The only other area that was properly decorated is our dining room. (You’ll also notice our office filing cabinet now lives in the dining room and that seems to work well.)

But initially I started off with the mini-tree and presents on top of the filing cabinet. It had to move down to the dining table eventually when the Christmas loot got too much. We must’ve been very good this year.

When the tree had to move down to the dining table I could put some other stuff on the filing cabinet.

These little figurines are my most precious Christmas decorations. My mum tells me they were some cheapo stuff she bought in a cheapo tobacco store when I was very little. But to me it wouldn’t be Christmas without these puppies. They could be worth $2000 a piece as far as I’m concerned. Precious.

Then comes the nativity scene. I’ve wanted one my whole life and started looking for one almost 20 years ago without finding the style I had in mind, most of them were way to intricate and colourful and some down right tacky. Then along came the Willow Tree collection and I died. For the past couple of years The Banker has bought me the pieces for the nativity scene and it’s the most beautiful nativity scene I’ve ever seen. If you don’t know of the Willow Tree stuff, it looks like it’s hand carved in wood, but it’s of course some sort of resin or it would indeed be that $2000 a piece.

Some very Swedish decorations must of course be included. If you’re Swedish you’d be familiar with Lucia and maybe even Lisa Larsson’s ceramic figurines. My mum collected these for me. Can’t do without them either for Christmas. They’re currently standing in Epsom salt to give the impression of glittery snow.

The simplest of the Swedish electric advent candles (from Ikea). One of these years I might import somethig fancier from Sweden but for now this is fine.

And the live flickering type of advent candles. Also a must in a Swedish Christmas household. Epsom salt used again for the snowy feel in a pewter advent candle holder (also from Sveeeden, and also a gift from mum, THANKS MUM!).

And finally my tree substitute again. A surprising whopping $20 at Ikea, but so worth it. Makes me feel like I have a tree. Put some beads in it (which is what I dress my full size tree with as well) and some little woollen birds that are ALSO Swedish and makes it feel very Christmassy to me. These little suckers are called “domherre” (or “bullfinch” in English says Google).

And last night we went for a drive to look at other people’s Christmas decorations, which was heaps fun. And MAD! I’m just wondering how they store all that stuff the rest of the year?!

Anywho. Merry Christmas to you.

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4 Responses to Christmas with the cranks

  1. Mamma says:

    Åh så fint du har juldekorerat. Ny krans på dörren?
    Krubban är ju så otroligt fin och kamelen är ju pricken över i faktiskt. Tycker nog att du ska ha den sista delen till Luciatåget med eller vad säger du?

    Beträffande folks juldekorationer så får man väl tycka att det är mer kul än snyggt. Det blir väl lite så att det blir en tävling kanske om vem som har mest. I vilket fall som helst så är det roligt att titta på. En annan variant på den gamla tidens skyltsöndag.

  2. Cecilia says:

    Vad fint ni har det. Fin krans på fin dörr, ser hemtrevligt och mysigt ut redan där.

    Vad finurligt med saltet. Det tycker jag var alldeles utmärkt att använda. Det ser ut som is/snö. Älskar krubban. Den är verkligen superfin.

    Luciatåget är ju hur gulligt som helst och även där blev det ju kanon med saltet ju. Förstår att du tycker att det är trist utan en “riktig” gran, men du har ju fått till det väldigt fint ändå.

    Gillade också de där vita “bulliga” sakerna (i metall?) som står på bänken bredvid dokumentskåpet. Riktigt snygga =)

    Är det mamma som kommer på besök eller?

    Ha nu en riktigt GOD JUL och ett Gott Nytt År. Håller tummarna för att du snart sitter med lillan i famnen.

    • Ah va snall du ar, tack. Ja resten av lagenheten ar oerhort stokig men jag har i alla fall den dar lilla hornan som jag tittar pa, och sa anvander jag skygglappar for resten! Ja trad-lyktorna (eller vad man ska kalla dem) ar i metall. Har tankt hanga dem fran taket men inte kunnat bestamma mig for var sa det har inte blivit av an. Framsteg tar ju liksom tid har… 😉

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